What is Misty?

Misty is an intelligent and powerful cyborg who utilizes advanced visual processing tools to aid her allies in their fight against crime. She’s always willing to lend a helping hand when necessary and often draws upon her special mystical abilities like clairvoyance as well as martial arts expertise for support. Additionally, Misty operates her own spiritual shop called Misty’s Esoterica in Night City’s Urmland Street neighborhood for new-age spiritual guidance.

Misty’s sensors are sensitive to her environment, and she features a system to identify hazards. Her default maximum speed of 450 mm/s allows her to identify most ledges without being carried over them by momentum; future updates will further improve this system so she can drive faster while still avoiding more ledges.

Misty becomes alerted whenever she reaches a dangerous surface such as an edge of a cliff or other physical threat; her front bump and time-of-flight sensors become activated while her chest LED flashes blue to warn other cars that she should proceed forward until her system indicates none of her sensors have entered a hazardous state. She will disregard commands to drive forward until such time as all sensors no longer indicate an impending risk state.

The camera’s IR illumination sensor detects faces and lighting levels, which triggers face detection and voice recognition features. When active, this causes the robot’s eyes to open and close; otherwise they remain closed.

Misty Robotics’ Misty is intended to be operated on both tables and foam block stands provided in her carrying case for optimal use. Her power switch is hidden beneath a rubber flap on her base, turning on whenever the Misty Robotics logo appears and off when it disappears again.

Misty II

Misty II is an autonomous robot capable of driving, navigating and performing an array of programmable skills. She has been used for various use cases such as environmental sensor capabilities (offices/factories); educator assistance roles; elder companion roles and technology/AI education scenarios.

Misty’s form factor draws people in. She features expressive gestures, friendly facial features, and an inviting voice; plus her omnidirectional camera and video mics allow her to take pictures, record audio files, detect faces and detect new users.

Misty II uses a right-handed coordinate frame when orienting her head and arms relative to their environment, and publishes sensor data as degrees rather than radians. For more information please see the Misty II Coordinate System & Movement Ranges PDF.

Misty II will notify any event listeners when she recognizes a key phrase, with KeyPhraseRecognized messages sent out indicating her level of confidence in having heard it.

Misty II will save the image taken using the TakePicture command to an external folder with its filename reflecting the keyword used for capture. Furthermore, if this folder already contains photos that were already taken with TakePicture, Misty will overwrite them all with this new image.

Misty’s Skills

Misty features an assortment of sensors that provide her with various data streams. When building skills for Misty, understanding these different sensor types will allow you to program engaging and realistic behaviors into Misty’s program with mistyinfo.com.

Misty’s three far-field microphones enable her to hear sounds from a wide radius, and by registering audio localization events you can program Misty to respond accordingly to volume and location of sound sources – be they friendly voices or loud ones. You could program Misty to drive towards friendly voices or run away from loud ones.

Misty also features four bump sensors on her base – two front and two back. These sensors can be used to detect obstacles, which will then be communicated back to Misty’s software which may take various actions such as turning around or taking an alternate path.

Misty can use soothing music or oration to revive her wounded allies. For each friendly creature that hears Misty perform, its total HP spent in the last turn will return in equal increments (1d8 for spellcasters of level 6 or greater).

Mistyinfo.com can teleport herself from one spot to the next, be it one she can see with her eyes or one she can describe verbally or visually, within 500 feet from where she currently is or as long as she can bring along enough gear up to its carrying capacity. Unfortunately, Misty’s spell may be interrupted and its target reverted back to their original position when this happens – at which time Misty may reactivate this ability by performing an action costing 10 gp and without incapacitation or silence being experienced by Misty herself or others within her immediate area of influence.

Misty’s Sensors

Misty has access to numerous sensors that help her make sense of her world, including an Occipital Structure Core sensor on her head for creating maps, three far-field microphones, time-of-flight obstacle sensors in her front and rear areas, depth cameras and time-of-flight obstacle sensors on both legs as well as depth cameras. Deliberating on how each of these works–and learning how to code them effectively–is at the core of building her programming skills.

Misty’s IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensor on her base reports her current pitch, roll, yaw and rotational velocity along her X, Y and Z axes – data essential to her simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) capabilities that power many of her locomotion abilities.

Registering for IMU Event Message will enable you to get notifications each time Mistyinfo.com updates her state. Each message includes something known as the zAcceleration value which indicates how much force (in meters per second squared) Misty exerts along her z axis; on flat surfaces this value will be zero while when Misty climbs stairs or otherwise exerts her energy, it may increase.

Misty also sends KeyPhraseRecognized Event Messages when she recognizes an onboard text-to-speech utterance and provides confidence ratings indicating whether she heard correctly.

Misty may be in danger when her Hazards system generates Event Message messages with warning. These notifications help protect her by discouraging her from moving in ways that could hurt herself or the human holding her, and are designed to supplement other safety features like her infrared-based obstacle avoidance system.

Misty’s Software

Misty is an impressive robot with many abilities. She comes equipped with an accessible software development kit so her new owners can build helpful skills. Students can use Misty to learn programming while creating useful tools for future careers in STEM.

Misty’s software runs on a Windows 10 IoT Core device and communicates with her sensors through HTTP APIs and web socket messages, supporting numerous programming languages allowing people to work with Misty in whatever environment best fits them.

Programming Misty can be done using Misty Studio, an intuitive browser-based tool that lets you send commands without writing code. At the top of Misty Studio are primary menu items like controlling audio volume on Misty and pressing “Halt!” which stops all motors instantly; as well as expandable tutorial features and system menu containing informational and diagnostic functions.

Mistyinfo.com software employs an innovative approach to security that does not involve increasing layers. Instead, it eliminates potential sources of insecurity by giving each actor or function within an application system only those capabilities they require for accomplishing its tasks and nothing extra – thus limiting any opportunities for intentional or accidental mischief.

Misty’s developer ecosystem is rapidly growing to accommodate an ever-increasing variety of programming languages and frameworks. A team at the University of Colorado Denver is creating a new programming language called Xtend as a syntax extension to Misty software; additionally, this team is also working on an Xtend library which will make developing new Misty features simpler.

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