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With the inception of Instagram Stories back in 2016, many called the social media platform a clone of Snapchat. Then, IG Stories soon superseded Snapchat when it came to daily users and eventually became an effective tool for businesses and brands to build their followers or audiences.

That is the reason why businesses these days, are trying their best to make the most of Instagram Reels and become the first creators on it to engage a new set of audiences. Reels are targeted at those who are looking for fast and easily understandable content. Additionally, brands can work together with creative minds to test the Reels content they develop.

According to an article published on Forbes, Instagram is extremely popular with the millennial generation and so brands are expecting high rates of engagement when it comes to Reels.

 Reels appear on the Explore page and if you manage to show them on the page, you get an opportunity to reach out to new followers. Here is how:

1. Make the most of educational content

The best way to start your journey of Reels is by sharing educational content. These include content like how to make mouthwatering pancakes in minutes, five best skincare tips, or for that matter, five ways for styling your skirt. When it comes to sharing content through Instagram Reels, the possibilities are endless.

For instance, if you own a restaurant or food business, use Reels to share healthy, scrumptious, and family-friendly recipes prepared with real ingredients. Create simple, short videos that are easy to understand if you would like to gain more popularity through IG Reels. You can add relevant hashtags such as #snack, #healthyfood, #tastysnacks, #lowcarbfood, and more. Use only the best hashtags and related ones instead of spamming your content with too many unrelated hashtags.

2. Use your TikTok videos again

Did you create videos for TikTok previously? If yes, you can reuse those for Reels. These days, many brands are employing this strategy and doing a great job by reposting TikTok content on Instagram Reels. Then, choose only the best and relevant videos of your business.

Using TikTok videos on Reels has two benefits. You can attract those followers who did not use TikTok. Again, you can share some new kind of content or make your new videos reach out to a new group of audience. Many brands used this technique and succeeded in their attempt. Therefore, you can make the most of TikTok videos and post them on Instagram to take your social media strategy to the next level.

3. Reap the benefits out of the scenes content

When you share behind the scenes content on Instagram, it helps your audience figure out who you are, what business you do, and why you sell a set of specific products or services to your customers. Behind-the-scenes videos are reliable, customizable, and help in developing fruitful relationships.

You don’t need to share videos about your products when sharing behind-the-scenes content. For instance, you can upload a moment of your cooks tossing up meals for your guests amid the corona pandemic. Again, if you are a designer, you may create an Instagram Reel to show your audience how you work as a graphic designer on a full working day. This way, you can buy views for Instagram and build engagement.

There are many ideas when it comes to behind the scenes topics for Instagram Reels. These include sharing content about how you select product materials, a moment of a day in your employees’ life in the office, how your team works for a new product launch, or share some brand story of how you started with a business idea, what inspired you in the first place, and things like that.

4. Display your products on Instagram Reels

You already know that Reels appear on the Explore page and help you highlight your content to new Instagrammers who do not follow your brand. It is a great opportunity to give your content more exposure to new audiences. Then, it is not so clear how IG Reels work best for your business, you need to use the relevant hashtags, descriptive captions, and text overlay to make the Instagram algorithm understand what your content is about.

Many cosmetic brands are using Instagram Reels to highlight the benefits of their makeup line. These brands are using emojis to make their content more fun and digestible.

Some people also make the best of their personal IG account to share content on Reel to show how women should wear lashes. You can use this idea to create Reel content to pique audience interest. Additionally, you can team up with Instagram influencers to market your beauty products for maximum attention and exposure on Reels.

5. Talk about your product sales

Your goal to use Instagram Reels is to make sales. Then, you must declare about your sales, discounts, and special deals to attract audience attention. Many beauty brands are using this idea successfully because they managed to garner much attention from IG users.

Then, when you are announcing sales, make sure you stay authentic and do not make your videos look like pushy advertisements. You need to show the human side of your business and avoid being too perfect all the time. You can talk about your deals and discounts to show how customers will benefit by using face cream at a reduced price instead of just asking your buyers to make the purchase overtly.

Your Instagram Reel should look genuine and therefore, focus on fun and originality instead of just telling your audience how perfect your brand is. When it comes to Reels, you can announce product sales without worrying too much about the video quality. Make your announcement interesting using motion and music to build more engagement through Reels videos.


It is not so easy to say that Reels would as successful as Instagram Stories, but Reels will help you find a new way to churn out persuasive content, understand your audience better, and improve your reach on Instagram. Therefore, use the tips and give Reels a try.  

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