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Online reviews are the most obvious way to build and secure a brand reputation over the web. Whenever a business suffers from a reputation crisis, the ORM experts try to repair it by generating more positive reviews online. Though several other factors affect a brand’s reputation, online reviews have a great contribution to this.

Plenty of online reviews generating sites are available and used by the ORM and digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR. Here in this article, we will talk about those sites and how much they are responsible for building a brand reputation over the web.

5 Top review generating sites mostly used by businesses for their brand reputation

  1. Google Reviews: Google is noted as the largest search engine over the web. Unlike other search engines, the average users based on US traffic is around 158.03 million. The platform is free for all, easy to access, and helps businesses to manage their online presence across Google, maps, and search.Google is ranked 1 based on US ranking (Alexa). Being the king of web traffic, it leverages the businesses a lot to attain high rankings and better online visibility on the digital platform.Businesses use Google My Business to monitor and analyze their business performance over the web. But they also use this tool to generate reviews and retain their reputation online. If your business is listed on Google, customers can easily find your review page and leave a review.

    The best thing is that online users or visitors pay more attention to Google reviews, as they find them reliable. Therefore, Google is a great place to start with your online reviews.

  2. Facebook Reviews: How can you forget about your social media partner, Facebook? 9 out of 10 people are on Facebook. Statistics say that around 85.57 million traffic is generated on Facebook. This encourages businesses to start their day with this tool. However, we recommend choosing Facebook, once you are done with Google.According to US ranking (Alexa), Facebook is on rank 3. That’s indeed a great achievement. You must keep this mind while looking for the best customer review generating site for your business.Facebook is a vast social networking channel that connects one person to another in no time. If you create a business profile on Facebook and allow thousands of visitors to follow you back, you will definitely succeed to build more reviews on your site.
    Facebook is considered as the popular review resource. And that’s the reason why people even scroll the recommendation section to learn about the business products or services. This is only possible due to the frequent use of the channel.
  3. Amazon Reviews: Do you have an ecommerce business? Do you prefer selling various products in different ranges? In that case, nothing can be better than Amazon reviews.
    Amazon reviews can be exclusively used by ecommerce marketers. Thousands of buyers connect to this platform to make their purchase after going through the customer reviews. Even if they want to buy things offline, they prefer reading the reviews and learning about the products beforehand. Amazon reviews help the customers to make their decision related to purchasing. On average, 85.44 million traffic is generated in this ecommerce channel. And is ranked 3 according to US ranking (Alexa). We guess you understand how important is to review your ecommerce business on Amazon.
  4. Yelp Reviews: Yelp is a review generating source often used to review local businesses. According to the latest track record, 40.47 million online traffic is found on this site. This has ranked the channel 64th of US ranking (Alexa).Through Yelp, you can help your small business to learn how to deal with online reviews. The amazing this is, Yelp even allows marketers to throw and host social events, especially for the Yelpers.Yelp contains over 102 million business reviews and surprisingly, the figure is improving day by day. If you are wondering how to build a good reputation for your small business, Yelp is just a click away. Don’t forget it.
    Yelpers leave a business review to help the buyers to make their purchase decision properly. At the same time, you can learn how to monitor online reviews, respond to them, and manage your business reputation online.
  5. TripAdvisor Reviews: Hey, do you have a tour and travel business? Look nowhere and generate reviews on TripAdvisor. Any business related to a vacation tour can enjoy cultivating a good reputation from this site.At TripAdvisor, you will come across reviews related to hotels, restaurants, booking flights, trip organizers, and so on. The site is now operated across 25 countries and is considered as the king of travel and tour reviews and directories.People willing to fly to a destination for a holiday prefer to visit this site to learn about the places, signature items, eateries, and so on. As much as ranking is concerned, the site is ranked 118 on US ranking (Alexa).

    If you want to share your vacation stories with the visitors, don’t miss out on listing your business on TripAdvisor and generating reviews.

How to generate customer reviews on the review generating sites?

Generating customer reviews is not a challenge. You can simply perform the job following the three steps.

  1. Claim your business listings on the business review generating sites.
  2. Ask your customer for reviews via email, messages, and much more.
  3. Respond to customer reviews and build engagement.

So, guys, if you are serious about your brand reputation and want to conduct the online reputation management process properly, don’t forget to work the three steps. Your ORM experts are always ready to serve you with the best.

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