Allen keys

Hex keys, also known as Allen keys, can be used for a variety of different purposes and a wide array of different businesses including the automotive and furniture industries. Here are five different uses for Hex keys or Allen keys. 

  1. Bikes

Hex keys are the number one tool that is chosen to perform repairs and adjustments to sizes on bicycles. Bikers can use these tools to repair their own bikes or take them to an expert, who will also make use of Hey keys. They come in a wide array of different sizes, which allows their use in a number of different applications, and the fact that they are so compact also means they are practical to take when travelling. 

  1. Furniture repairs

Allen keys are a vital piece of hardware for furniture repairers. They can secure furniture into position and are capable of assembling furniture simply without the addition of unnecessary bulk. Because their design is so compact this means they have a very discrete appearance in addition to being very strong when it comes to fastening. 

Allen keys are also commonly used for the purpose of driving threaded inserts into place. Furniture pieces often have very tight spaces and therefore need a long reach, making Long Arm Hex Keys ideal for the job. 

  1. Motor vehicles

As with furniture, Hex keys are needed to be able to gain access to tight spaces in cars and motorbikes. Impractical or unnecessary nuts and bolts are usually replaced with a Hex screw and Hex key sets are practically a requisite for any individual mechanic or automotive garage or workshop. 

Hex keys are required to gain access to areas underneath seats, places underneath the dashboard including behind the glove compartment and around and inside the centre console. 

  1. Tools

Any individual or business that makes use of tools will understand the need for Allen keys. Drill bits that have parts that can be inserted are reliant on Allen screws so that the bit can be inserted into position. Similarly, all varieties of power saws need Allen keys to make small adjustment or change blades. 

The majority of tools are reliant on Allen screws to ensure that bits and blades are kept firmly in place.

  1. Electronics

One of the main uses for Hex keys is increasingly becoming electronics. With electronics getting ever more compact in nature, Hex screws are becoming increasingly common within hardware. Hex screws are being used to hold big TV screens and computers on their backsides and while they may not be as obvious on smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets, they still have many hex screws within them. 

Allen keys come in various different types including the likes of L-style wrenches, T-handles, P-Handles, folding Hex keys, ratcheting drivers, torque wrenches, Allen screwdrivers, ball Hex sets and key rings sets.

Whether you know them as Hex keys or Allen keys, these instruments are vital to a wide variety of businesses. 

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