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Consumerism is on the rise, which means people often have little to no space to store their belongings, creating a huge demand for storage facilities. Besides consumers, businesses also use storage facilities to store their products. Some storage facilities with climate control feature even allow people and businesses to store perishable items.

Overall, storage facilities have become a profitable business venture, and various companies offering a range of storage unit sizes and other advanced features have popped up at different locations.

The storage facility business has become competitive, and now storage facilities have to design and implement new strategies and techniques to stand out from the crowd. It is recommended to define the target market for your storage facility and then design a specific marketing strategy to attract the right kind of customers.

Marketing a storage facility is not easy and requires efficient strategy development. Therefore, some storage facility owners choose to outsource the marketing process. Teams specialized in designing marketing strategies for all types of product/service-based businesses can help design an effective marketing strategy. For example, Open Tech Alliance uses big data to design efficient digital marketing strategies to provide self storage marketing advice to storage facilities. Nowadays, many people use the internet, so digital marketing is an effective marketing technique to reach the target market.

In this article, we are going to discuss some ways that can make your storage facility stand out.

1.   Offer Discounts

People love sales and discounts as they help them save money. Offering storage units at discounted prices to new and regular customers can help acquire more customers. You can also offer different deals like getting a free storage unit on buying or renting a specific number of units to make your storage facility a more attractive option for customers.

Moreover, offering new customer discounts and specifically providing discounts to different groups like senior citizens, military personnel, small organizations, and students can help your facility have a competitive advantage.

2.   Distribute Fliers

Distributing fliers is an old but effective marketing method. Design and distribute fliers containing all the necessary information regarding your storage facility, including the available unit sizes, prices, address, phone number, and a small guiding map.

Hand out these flyers at community events and meetings or hire a part-time worker to distribute them throughout the city. Well-designed and strategically distributed fliers are an effective marketing tool for capturing local interest.

3.   Invest in Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

The role of digital marketing in the success of any business has become more evident now than ever before. More and more people choose to purchase products and services online than from physical stores. Therefore, digital marketing strategies have become the most popular and efficient way of marketing. Some digital marketing strategies include the following;

Web design

The website of your facility is its first introduction to the customer. Therefore, it should be well-designed and contain all the necessary information that the customers may look for. The site should convince the customers that your storage facility is the right choice for them. Some ways to design an excellent website to help your facility stand out are;

  • Clean and organized layout
  • Accurate code
  • Easy navigation
  • Vibrant graphics

Social media marketing

Nowadays, everyone uses social media platforms for various purposes. Content on social media reaches a significant number of people quickly. Therefore, social media marketing is an excellent way to help your storage facility stand out in this competitive industry.

You can share news articles about storage facilities, general updates about your facility, and any upcoming promotions or discounts with your target audience. An excellent social media marketing strategy can help you reach potential customers.

Pay-per-click ads

PPC ads are an excellent option for marketing a storage facility with a tight marketing budget. PPC ads help you control your budget as they allow you to choose how much you spend on ads each month.

PPC ads appear when the users search specific keywords on search engines like Google. They are a great way to attract new customers and increase your revenue with very little investment.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is the cheapest but most effective digital marketing strategy. You can ask your clients (regular and potential) that visit your website or facility for their e-mail addresses to add them to your e-mail marketing campaign. An e-mail marketing campaign focuses on sending out regular newsletters and targeted e-mails about the latest services and discounts at your storage facility.

4.   Provide Unique Features

The competition in the storage facility business, specifically self-storage, is increasing unprecedentedly. Therefore, you should offer unique features at your facility that are not available at other storage facilities, for example, offering climate-controlled storage units to store antiques, fine art, or musical instruments.

You can also provide bundled services like offering a moving truck or helping in packing stuff to whoever buys or rents a storage unit at your facility. Other features that you can add to make your storage facility stand out include;

  • Great lighting
  • Premium security
  • 24/7 customer access
  • Multiple unit size options
  • Cleanliness and no pests

5.   Rent a Billboard

If the target market for your storage facility is the local community, investing in a billboard is a classic marketing technique. Invest in a billboard close to your storage facility that fits your budget and is in high traffic or crowded area.

You can provide different details like the location of your storage facility on the billboard, or you can share the latest discounts or incentives that your storage facility is offering. Using the billboard to market the latest features that your storage facility has added is also an excellent way to make your storage facility stand out.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, many people invest in storage units to store different things. Several storage facilities offer unique features and various unit sizes, so the competition in this industry is growing, making it difficult for businesses to succeed. However, effective marketing strategies can help your facility stand out.

You can employ old and new marketing strategies to market your facility. Digital marketing is a relatively new marketing technique and is very effective. Renting a billboard, distributing fliers, and providing unique features and discounts are old-school marketing techniques, but they are still quite effective. Hopefully, this article will help you understand how to make your storage facility stand out.

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