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What is Norstrat ?

Norstrat is a consulting firm that specializes or helps in assisting clients in achieving their business objectives or meeting legal responsibilities related to implementing the Canadian Northern Strategy. The company, led by Lee Carson, a seasoned professional with a track record of securing over $200 million in Canadian contracts, mainly focuses on overseeing large government-funded infrastructure projects. The primary aim of Nostrat is to help its clients navigate the intricacies of these projects and ensure compliance with the Canadian Northern Strategy.

What is the Norstrat Northern strategy?

In 2007, the Canadian government introduced the Northern Strategy, also known as Canada’s Northern Strategy, which has since become a prominent factor in business development. The strategy was implemented to address four key priorities of Canada, which include exercising Arctic sovereignty, promoting social and economic development, protecting environmental heritage, and improving and devolving Northern governance. As a result, many businesses have adopted the Northern Strategy to achieve these objectives. Norstrat has specialized expertise in implementing this strategy in various industries.

Background of Norstrat

NORSTRAT is a company that was founded in 2010 as a partnership between the Canadian armed forces and government officials. Initially, the company operated from a small office in Canada and expanded to include a presence in the United States. Since its establishment, NORSTRAT has provided services to its international clients, including digital marketing strategies, public relations, and telecommunications marketing.

Additionally, NORSTRAT offers support to businesses that are entering new markets. The company’s main objective is to provide expert guidance and assistance to companies in their design and development process. It utilizes the specialized skills of its experienced professionals specializing in campaign strategy and business development.

Objectives of Norstrat

Norstrat is an outstanding consulting firm that can assist in the growth of your business with several key objectives. These include developing a corporate identity, providing marketing support, and ensuring secure access through dedicated teams. Additionally, Norstrat leverages student interns from top military and law enforcement institutions in Canada to provide public relations exposure to strategic partners.

All marketing materials, including business cards, brochures, and letterheads, are included in Norstrat’s offerings. Employees are also authorized to wear official Norstrat shirts and polos. By partnering with Norstrat, you will gain a unique identity within the Northern Strategy Community, allowing you to promote your company or group effectively.

What Kinds of Services Does Norstrat Provide?

Norstrat company provides a comprehensive range of consulting and communication services, employing a team of strategic consulting professionals skilled in all aspects of brand building. They offer assistance with customer acquisition and retention strategies, as well as product launch support. Furthermore, the consultants possess extensive experience working in the public sector, particularly in areas such as government relations, lobbying, political strategy, and campaign planning/management.

Norstrat is a trustworthy business consulting service that can assist small business owners and large corporations. Their professionals have a diverse range of expertise and knowledge, including social structure systems and infrastructure. Regardless of your needs, Norstrat’s team can provide tailored solutions to help you achieve your business objectives.

Account Planning and Development Services

  • Advertising agencies provide various services, including market research analytical tools like the NPD Group Brand Metrics software platform.
  • Comparing marketing initiatives to sales performance is a crucial aspect of successful business operations. It allows stakeholders to understand the impact on business metrics clearly.
  • Norstrat assists in developing a unique plan of action through its innovative strategy, which includes the Creative Briefing Center as a key component. Customers can refine and adjust their messaging before submitting it to Norstrat’s strategic partners.

Advice and Financial Services

Norstrat is a renowned consulting firm that delivers exceptional financial services and expert guidance to various clients, including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, the Government of Canada, and the National Bank of Canada. Leveraging their extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and financial services industries, they offer innovative solutions tailored to their client’s unique needs.

Norstrat’s team of highly qualified advisors is equipped to provide comprehensive assistance with financial management and navigating government programs, ensuring their clients receive the best possible support. Whether you require creative solutions or expert guidance, Norstrat is committed to delivering top-tier services that help you achieve your goals.

Agency Services for Advertising

Utilizing the Brand Metrics software program from NPD, you can access marketing analysis instruments that help gauge customer response to your ads and identify improvement areas. Customers can also apply for a grant from Norstrat Inc., which has experience working with nonprofit organizations.

Norstrat Consulting can provide various solutions to help manage your business activities. Whether you need a solid plan or guidance on public or government relations, Norstrat has a range of options and approaches to offer that can benefit your company.

Where is Norstrat’s expertise?

Norstrat specializes in implementing the Northern strategy, and they boast an almost zero failure rate in their business development and implementation. Their areas of expertise include:

  • Business Growth: Norstrat has grown in the federal government sector through its creative and innovative operational strategies, leading to overall administration development.
  • Project Management: Norstrat has completed various projects in recent years, making them project management experts.
  • Focused Capital Projects: Norstrat has completed projects such as the Radarsat Constellation Mission, Radarsat II, and the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel, making them experts in focused capital projects.

In addition to their expertise in these areas, Norstrat offers various training programs, including leadership development programs, professional development workshops, business coaching programs, and executive coaching programs.


Business owners want to maximize their profits and set realistic, achievable goals. Nortstrat is a company that can assist you in reaching these objectives and getting closer to your targets.

Numerous businesses across Canada and the United States have benefited from Norstrat’s advanced technology tools and skilled employees. If you believe that Norstrat is the right fit to help you develop your strategy and enhance your communications, do not hesitate to become their client. Partnering with Norstrat can help you advance your company and achieve success.

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