A guide for App protectionA guide for App protection

These days, there is an immense risk of external threats, hacking, malware and other digital frauds. Hackers can easily access your personal information which can lead to financial loss and poor brand image. Many businesses have suffered from this and faced huge losses. These days it has become so easy to peek into any phone or computer device and get all the information easily. All you just require is good technical skills and hacking skills. We got to hear about cybercrime cases every day. The proportion of this is increasing day by day as the hackers very conveniently steal the data from the application and no one even notices. And when it comes into notice, the damage is done. Not only data, but hackers get to know about banking information, location, financial accounts and much more. They can misuse your data for their benefit.

For all these malware practices, app protection is very important. App protection helps to secure your personal information and company’s information. Business’s data in wrong hands can lead to violations and a bad reputation. Many years of hard work in the business get ruined. So many businesses prefer app security or protection to protect their application from hackers. The company’s data is accessed on many devices and it is difficult to control and manage each device. Also, the application is used by many users. So here app protection can help you to control and manage the data and it stays within the extent of your IT department.

Following are some of the features of App Protection:

  • Multiple devices- The app protection or security has the potential to control the application on multiple devices. It can conveniently manage and control the data running of many devices. These days hybrid apps are released, app protection works best for them as well as supporting applications on both android and iOS.
  • PIN- These app applications provides a personal identification number which helps in verifying that a known or correct user is accessing the business data. A PIN is preferably shared amongst the people who have permission to access the data. Also, a tracker is fixed and can type within 30 seconds to a minute. For more security reason, you get 3-5 chances to type a correct PIN. Once you leave the app, you again have to type the PIN. You cannot default save the PIN on your device.
  • Manages history- App protection helps to manage every information accessed by the user.

So all the above were some features of app protection. App protection can be used on android, ios and computers. Also, you can easily switch from one device to another without any worry. App protection focuses on three stages starting. It focuses on these stages rigorously in a format. Following are the steps explained in detail:

  • Protect- App protection act as a shield for application. Its main aim is to maintain data confidentiality and hide it from all external threats and malware activities. It makes your application difficult for hackers to attack. It makes sure to protect your app on every device and is accessed to those only who are allowed by the owner.
  • Detect- It detects all the activity which is against the policies. It also laid attention on the runtime behaviour of the application and does not save the information on the device. You can type the PIN again to have access. It detects all the unknown and untrusted sources interference.
  • React- If detecting any malware practices or penetration of unidentified source, app security will alert you by notifying to the user, blocking and terminating the source. It will react instantly to save your data. It also has an option of anti-keylogging the app.

Some of the security threats can be financial fraud, application piracy, IP theft, tempering of application, app cloning etc And these all can be overcome with the help of app protection. But you need to consider some points for app protection which are mentioned below:

  • Strong code/PIN- The app protection developer should pay extra attention to choose a code which is difficult to break. It is very much important to keep your data safe from malware attacks and data breaches.
  • Keep in mind all the operating devices- The developers should always keep in mind the various operating devices on which the app will work and design the app protection accordingly. As it will use other features of the operating platform, the developers should cautiously design which can effectively work on every platform.
  • Allow user permissions- The developers should design in such a manner that the application should be accessible by the users only. The user can select their kind of security based on their preferences.
  • Alert while any unusual activity- App protection should always help in awaking you about any unusual activity through notification or temporary closing of the app or blocking the source.
  • Data security- The platforms are connected to many devices and external sources. This gives the hacker a chance to have easy access over data. So the developer should always encrypt the data during transit. All the confidential information like passwords, login information etc should be encrypted.
  • Latest techniques- Always choose the latest techniques with new technology like cryptographic protocols and algorithms. A developer should always invest in the latest technology to avoid interference.

At the end don’t forget to test to check or to find the potential strengths and weakness of the application while using app protection. It helps you to check the weak passwords, or runtime behaviour or the expiry period of the running app. This is called penetration testing where every aspect of the app is checked and verified according to the requirements of the user. Also, try not to use the personal devices to log in the company’s application as the information can easily transmit from one device to another. Also make sure to keep your device away from all the viruses, spam accounts etc.

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