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If you’re a marketer, you can attest that affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways for online businesses to generate revenue. In fact, it’s estimated that more than $1 billion in sales are generated through affiliate programs every year. But if you want your business to succeed with this type of advertising strategy, then there are some things you need to know first. This guide will help you learn how to make money from affiliates by improving search engine rankings.

1. Niche selection

Niche selection refers to choosing an area where people have specific needs or problems. For example, if you sell dog food, then you should choose a niche like “dog nutrition” instead of just “dogs.” The reason why it’s recommended to select niches over broad categories is that it allows you to target customers who may not even realize their problem exists yet. If you select too general a category such as “dogs,” then you’ll end up targeting all kinds of dogs — including those who don’t really need what you offer.

2. Domain name

Domain names play a big role when it comes to SEO. You see, Google uses domain names as keywords when ranking websites on its SERPs. So, if you own a website called “”, but someone else owns the same exact URL, chances are that person will rank higher than yours. To avoid this situation, you need to register different domains for each product/service you provide so that no other company has the same URL.

3. Hosting

Hosting plays another important role in SEO. When you host your site on a free web hosting service, you won’t get any backlinks since these services usually require users to pay before getting access to them. However, paid hosts give you full control over your website, which means you can do whatever you want without having to ask anyone’s permission. Some examples include adding new pages, changing page titles, etc.

4. Content creation

Content creation includes everything related to writing articles, creating videos, building ebooks, etc. It also involves making sure that your content meets certain standards. There are many tools available today that can automatically check whether your content passes quality guidelines. These tools range anywhere between $10-$100 per month depending on how much work you want done. You can use at least two of these tools to ensure that your content always looks professional.

5. Selecting the right keywords

Keywords refer to words used in headlines, descriptions, URLs, images, etc. They determine what kind of information appears on the results page when someone searches for something relevant to your products or services. As mentioned earlier, Google ranks sites based on keyword relevance. That being said, you shouldn’t use generic terms like “cheap shoes”. Instead, try to find phrases that describe exactly what you offer. Here are some tips to keep in mind while doing keyword research:

  1. a) Use long-tail keywords – Long-tail keywords are longer versions of regular keywords. Examples include “affordable men’s dress shirts” vs. “men’s dress shirts”. While both keywords lead to the same result, the former get ranked better due to its lengthier nature.
  2. b) Avoid common misspellings – Common misspellings occur when people accidentally enter incorrect letters into the search box. This leads to low rankings since most engines consider these errors as spammy.
  3. c) Include numbers – Numbers help make your content more appealing by giving readers additional details.
  4. d) Be consistent with your choice of keywords – Don’t randomly pick one word from every sentence; rather, stick to one main keyword throughout your entire piece.
  5. e) Make sure there isn’t competition – Before starting out, look through competitor’s websites to see if they’re already ranking well for similar keywords. If yes, then don’t bother trying those keywords yourself because you’ll just end up competing against them instead of helping them grow their business.

6. Link Building

Working with link building agencies is an essential part of SEO. In fact, it’s considered the backbone of all online marketing strategies. The reason why link building works is simple — links attract traffic. And once visitors start visiting your site regularly, they become potential customers who may eventually buy your products or sign up for your newsletter. So, how does link building actually happen? Well, let us explain…

  • Create high-quality content
  • Write guest posts for other blogs
  • Comment on popular blog posts
  • Start conversations via social media platforms
  • Build relationships with influencers
  • Get featured on industry news outlets
  • Ask bloggers to review your product/service
  • Offer giveaways
  • Buy followers
  • Pay for reviews
  • Do anything else that will bring attention to your brand!
  • Repeat steps 1-11

7. On-Page SEO

There are a variety of technical factors leading digital marketing firms like Sure Oak consider when approaching any on-page SEO campaign, but Bill Gates’ 1996 adage “content is king” is generally considered a fundamental SEO golden rule to this day. Search engines and users alike will always have a preference for authoritative, engaging content. On-page optimizations can be crucial to help your original content stand out in an increasingly crowded online environment. One way to improve your on-page SEO is to use H tags properly. Using H tags helps readers understand the hierarchy of your webpage better. Another thing you can do is add alt text to images. Alt text allows visitors to read descriptions of pictures while searching for relevant results. Finally, you can optimize your title tag to increase click throughs.

8. Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization refers to increasing traffic to your website via social networks. Most social sites now feature built-in analytics software that lets you track how well your posts perform. This makes it easier to determine which types of posts generate more clicks and leads.

9. Guest Posting

Guest posting is an excellent method of gaining high PR links from authoritative blogs or news sites. The best part? You don’t even have to write original content! All you have to do is contact bloggers and offer to post their blog on your website. If accepted, simply follow instructions provided by the blogger and make sure to place a reciprocal hyperlink back to their site.


SEO is not as easy as many people think. It takes hard work and dedication to achieve good rankings. However, when done correctly, it can provide great benefits for businesses. We hope this guide helped answer some questions regarding affiliate marketing SEO complete guide to improving search rankings.

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