Agile software development refers to software development methodologies which relate the idea of iterative development, in which requirement and solutions developed through the collaboration between self-organizing cross-functionality teams. The best advantage of using agile development is that it helps the team to deliver the project faster, with the best quality and consistency and quicker reaction to change things. Scrum and Kanban are two of the most used world methodology in the world. The CSM Certification process is used to promote discipline among the team member during the project. In this process, there are having a frequent inspection and a good leadership quality which helps to maintain the group strength, self-organization, and accountability. The process also allows us to deliver the project in the best quality. It helps to deliver high-quality software within the time limit. It also takes care that the fulfilment of customer needs and the company’s reputation. Agile development refers to the development process that matches the concept of the agile manifesto. The manifesto was developed by fourteen leading leaders in the software industry. The leaders helped to know about this agile industry. What are the advantages, and how to make these is industry grow rapidly?

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Agile is the ability to create large projects where lots of qualified team members are required. It is the way of dealing with some of the impossible works then after succeeding and making a huge environment in this agile world. The makers of the agile manifesto choose “agile” as the brand name since the word represents the idea itself. The word agile describes word represent the adaptiveness and response to change the approach. Agile development software is a framework such as a scrum, extreme programming, or feature-driven development. Agile development is more important than some other practices like pair programming, stand-ups, planning sessions, and sprints. Agile development is like an umbrella for a set of frameworks used in the project—the practices based on the principles that have been mentioned in the manifesto for agile software development. The most important thing which separates agile from other software development is the focus on the people doing a particular work and how much time the team can do the work without taking long breaks. The teams are cross-functional. These teams don’t get specific role involved, so that team member doesn’t have to hurry for their every role. There is also a place for a manager. The manager makes sure that each member has got their proper role in the project.


A scrum process is different from other agile processes by specific processes and concepts. It has been divided into the three categories of roles, artifacts, and time boxes. Scrum is mostly used to handle difficult software and product development. The method is used in the scrum framework is iterative and incremental practices. Scrum reduces the time used for developing software and increases productivity as compared to agile software methodology. The scrum process enables organizations to have rapid change according to their requirement and produce the product that meets the client’s requirement and occupies the organizational benefit. Scrum helps in giving quality products to their client. Have a better chance of the product whenever it requires. They provide the better result than agile methodology with taking less time creating them. They have more control over the project schedule. Customers find the vendor is more responsive to development requests, and it takes less cost than other methods. High-quality features are developed and delivered more quickly with a short period of time. It doesn’t take much time like classic “waterfall” processes. The vendor reduces wastage by focusing development on the feature so that every project would be submitted quickly, and the client would pay as soon. Team members enjoy the development as they see that their work has been appreciated by lots of people. Scrum teams reduce their work by dividing the work to the team member equally according to their job, and the members also enjoy doing their job as they got less work to be done. Each team member knows their work and their value for the work. A project manager who is the scrum master makes a plan to complete the work before the time limit and in a more concentrated way. Scrum provides highly developed projects to the state of development on a daily basis.

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