You must have heard about the term Cash for Clunkers which was a wild success in nearly 700,000 dealer transactions. As is consists with curtain benefits and fits perfectly in your budget and shows you calculated value for your car. This program is quite easy to follow but you have to fulfil some eligibility criteria for the same.

If you are also applying for Cash for Clunkers program but didn’t qualified it and now feel like a left out & hopeless- need not to worry as you are one in many who didn’t. There are few similar programs such as CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System) still exists and you can apply in similar way.

Every individual seeks for assistance in trading for more efficient and quick ways. If looking towards a deal with several benefits then first you need to have a clear and complete knowledge for the same. If you are the one who aimed to replace your older vehicle with new which is less in tax with more efficient models.

What is the exact motive of Clunkers Incentive? You need have a better understanding for this. Few options are still available for it. We are giving a detailed guide for it that will helps you to better understand the concept. Let’s give some light without any delay.

What is Clunker program?

It is basically a car rebate system which is commonly known as Cash for Clunkers, in which old car replaced with new one by following complete rebate guidelines. It traded in USA only under government’s program only for fuel- efficient vehicle and new one.

To participate in this program, one should have to fulfil the few conditions such as:

  1. The vehicle should be in working condition
  2. Vehicle should be insured prior one year
  3. From the date of in-trade the vehicle must be manufactured less than 25 years
  4. Must have perfect fuel efficiency

Let’s talk about few current Clunkers Program

  1. Dealers’ Trade Assistance
  2. Competitive conquest of Dealer
  3. Donation Tax Incentive
  4. State Specific Incentive
  5. Few, Future Clunker Program

How to sell a clunker?

Now discuss few points which helps you understand, what steps you need to follow to a sell a Clunker.

  1. Set a price of a Clunker
  2. Once price is set, add some bonus tip
  3. Do scrapping of the clunker by yourself
  4. Go for private buyer instead of corporate buyers
  5. Add a bonus tip for Private buyer
  6. Done repreparing of the clunker from your end
  7. Run to Car cash buyers

Year 2009 is considered as the toughest time for US as there were financial crisis, economy goes down, people lose their job, their home and shelter. People had no choice to get rib of these crisis and the problem was in large scale. The US government had come to conclusion for this crisis and started a program called CARS which was commonly called as Cash for Clunker. So that, it gives a little financial help to the individual.

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