In today’s world, novels and mangas from some of the East Asian countries have become very popular. Here, we are going to talk about a novel called the abandoned empress. If you look at the availability of mange and novel on the internet right now, you will find a lot of them. The majority of such fiction falls under the common category. But there are some special ones in that category. And the novel that we are talking about in this article is super special.

If you are an enthusiast who loves to read this kind of thing, you should complete this article. In the later sections of this article, we are going to discuss a great deal of this novel.

The Plot

Before discussing anything, you should first know about the plot of the abandoned empress novel. The main character of this novel is Aristia Pioneer la Monique. The whole story revolves around her. The story is mostly about fixing and correcting the past. That is why there is pioneer in her name. In this context, pioneer means the one who can write their futures.

Speaking a little bit about her, she likes all those things that are warm and soft. She is most attracted to things that are white in color.

Based on this story, Aristia belongs to a royal family. Just like all the royal families in the world, she is taught to be an empress since her childhood. But the story takes a twist after she becomes an empress. She succeeds in becoming an empress but later on, people accuse her of treason against her husband.

When such an unfortunate thing happens to her, she decides to go back in time so that everything could be corrected once and for all.

This is a really nice story that you can enjoy. This novel tells much about the way society molds people. You can see the details related to it right from the beginning of the story. People and the family members tell Aristia to suppress her feelings from a very young age. They always focus on making Aristia such a person who is always cool and bold. And by following their instructions, Aristia also becomes one of that kind. As per their demands, she suppresses every feeling of her like anger, desperation, pain, etc. Not a single feeling appears on her face in the hardest of the situation. You can see such nature when her one of her unborn baby dies. Even in such a situation, no pain is reflected on her face.

She does all the things that she would have never done naturally. She loves her husband very much without even carrying about his behavior towards her.

A little background

This section of the article will give you a little background of the abandoned empress manga. Marquess Monique was the father of Aristia in her previous life. She had almost no contact with this man in that life as he was a very hardworking person. He never cared about anything except for his work. Despite this unusual behavior, Aristia loved him unconditionally.

But later on, when she travels back in time, she meets a person named Keirean. As the series grows, Aristia establishes a very strong father and daughter bond with this man.

Jeremia la Monique is the name of her other. Jeremia dies when Aristia was very young. Aristia has very little knowledge about her mother.

Aristia was in love with a man named Ruvellis Kamaludin Shana Castina in her previous life. She was one of his wives during that time. Even in this life, Aristia carries the memories of him from the previous life. And such a situation freezes her every time he encounters Ruvellin. But over time, she learns to overcome this situation.

As Aristia was of very unusual in nature and she never found a friend. But Allendis de Verita becomes one of her best friends. Only with the help of Allendis, Aristia learns about happiness. And she realizes friendship as the true source of happiness. Allendis becomes one of the best friends and most trusted allies Aristia.

Where to read it?

We have discussed a lot about the abandoned empress novel in this article. If you make your mind to read, there are several websites on the internet where you can read it. Just keep in mind that you are not supporting a website that violates the copyright conditions of creation.

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