Boxed Packaged Goods

The recent rise in the sales of Boxed Packaged Goods has been noticed by everyone. With the increasing popularity of shopping online and delivery, Boxed Packaged Goods have been the primary factor. They are, after all, the items on which the entire market relies.

Boxed packaged goods are an expression used to describe products packed inside the boxes. This protects the items being transported during transportation, particularly the delicate ones. For those who are operating, or considering opening an online shop and who primarily provide delivery service for their customers, it’s vital to study this article. This article walks you through the various kinds of packaging boxes, and the various techniques employed to pack them.

The types of boxes that eCommerce sellers must think about

It is often very complicated for eCommerce retailers to decide which type of packaging to use for boxed packaged goods. Varieties of items are packed inside these packaging and it is very important to choose the right kind of packaging to keep the product protected and safe.

If the product is not delivered to customer in the right conditions, then the retailer may face criticism or even loss. Thus, it becomes very important for eCommerce retailers to understand what kind of packaging to use.

Below we discuss different kinds of packaging from which eCommerce retailers can choose according to their product. The types of boxes/ packaging we will be looking at are:

  1. Plastic box packaging
  2. Wooden box packaging
  3. Cardboard box packaging
  4. Rigid box packaging
  5. Corrugated box packaging
  6. Paperboard box packaging

1.   Plastic Box packaging

  • Plastic boxes are made up of PVC/PET/PP/PS. These come in variety of shapes and designs. These boxes are generally transparent and have different forms such as handbag, cylindrical, folding etc.
  • On these boxes designs are also printed to make them look beautiful and attractive. Sometimes, information is also engraved upon the box.
  • Plastic boxes have various characteristics like high toughness, moisture proof, water-proof and easily transportable.
  • If we talk about the advantages of the plastic box packaging then these are lightweight, easy to process and have low density.
  • Mostly, food companies use plastic boxes for packaging their food products. Water and cold drinks are also available in plastic bottles.
  • If you deal in food products, stationary or cosmetics then delivering your boxed packaged goods in plastic boxes will ensure the safety of your product.

2. Wooden Box packaging

  • * If you’re an eCommerce store and need to transport and pack top quality and valuable goods like wine, ceramics or health care products, this wooden packaging box is your most suitable choice for you.
  • * The look of wooden boxes also is elegant and stylish. A lot of materials such as sponge, foam or paper are used to shield the objects from damage.
  • * The security that wooden boxes provide is remarkable because they are able to withstand almost all weather conditions.
  • Furthermore that many boxes can be placed one on top of the other, this means that they require less space.
  • * The producers of wooden boxes used to Boxed Packaged Goods do not make use of logs often. Instead, they construct boxes from plywood as well as other medium density woods. Although they are expensive, these make excellent packaging materials too.

3. Packaging for Cardboard Boxes

  • * It’s probably not wrong to state that this type package is one of the most commonly used for Boxed Packaged Goods that are boxed.
  • * Cardboards are created by stacking multiple layers of paper on top of each other. These boxes are versatile and customizable. They are easily shipped and are light.
  • * There’s an additional benefit to cardboard boxes from the point of view of design. It is easy to create a design on these boxes and branding through the use of the boxes is very easy. The majority of eCommerce companies use cardboard box packaging since it allows to promote their products effortlessly.
  • They are also recyclable. this box is an environmentally green option as well.
  • These boxes are not used for the packing of heavy-weight items as they could harm the packaging.

4. Rigid Box packaging

  • You may have seen this as a sort of gift box or even as extravagant packaging.
  • “Rigid” boxes refer to rigid cardboard boxes made using a sophisticated manufacturing procedure.
  • * They are manufactured using various materials. To make them hand-made is the most common method employed.
  • * The production process for the boxes is very long therefore the prices are high , and the quality is also superior.
  • Due to their superior standard, the boxes are given their names such as “gift boxes” or “hardcover boxes”.
  • * Online retailers selling cosemtics, jewelry, and technology utilize rigid packaging to Boxed Packaged Goods.

5. Corrugated Box packaging

  • * They are made from corrugated cardboards with hollow structure. The molding process is the key element in the production of these cardboards.
  • There are a variety of cardboards that are involved, such as single corrugated double corrugated, triple corrugated.
  • * For use on a large scale the capacity of these cardboards may reach 3000kg.
  • * There are many applications for corrugated boxes including ceramics to fruits and medical products, as well as big home appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners and coolers etc.
  • * Many online retailers utilize these boxes to sell their products Boxed Packaged Goods since they can be used for various sizes of items and are comparatively less costly.

6. Packaging for paperboard boxes

  • * For anyone who works in the field of packaging food items or who wants to pack food items for a outing or gathering, then this section is the section.
  • These boxes have been constructed using a high-density paper, and are typically used to package food items.
  • * They’re not too weighty and are simple to carry. They can also be placed effortlessly one on top of one another.
  • * A lot of large-scale food stores, and even certain franchises utilize paperboard boxes as packaging to package their food items.
  • * This is a fantastic option to pack dry and light food items. Additionally, it is an environmentally friendly option to pack the food items.

You must know the following tips before you pack a product to increase your sales

Make it unique

If you’re told that your packaging should look distinctive or attractive, then it doesn’t mean you need to buy expensive packaging materials to package your products in boxes.

It’s all you need to do is be a bit imaginative in the packaging. Create a look that is distinct from the norm, like the texture, or the outside images. Make sure to keep the design simple.

You must know who you’re giving the HTML0 to

As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to identify the demographics of your customers. If you have a clear idea of your market, it’ll be easier to personalize the packaging so that it appeals to them. A good retailer will always keep the needs of customers and their needs at the top of their list.

If you are aware of who you’re selling your product, it’s quite simple to be successful in this highly competitive market.

The importance of unboxing

The most vital aspect of packaging is unboxing. If a customer is able to unbox the product and encounters too many issues in the process, they will lose desire to purchase the product. This could affect your rating as retail store.

It is important to make the process of unboxing smooth and exciting. It’s a great idea by incorporating an unexpected gift inside the package. It can be as simple as a notecard telling the buyer how grateful they feel for having purchased the product.

Try to make unboxing simple to accomplish.

Go eco friendly

Many people are looking for green products and services nowadays. If your packaging is made to appear eco-friendly, it will serve as a positive factor for the Boxed Packaged Goods.

Make use of recycled or recyclable manufacturing materials. If your packaging is causing a huge environmental impact, then your chances of succeeding are pretty high in the marketplace.

Search for designs

In the past, retailers have never really thought about the kind of packaging they use. They simply delivered the item. However, as the market became more attractive and the outer appearance began to draw buyers, retailers are now looking at different design concepts for their Boxed Packaged Goods.

If the style of your packaging is attractive and appealing, the buyer is likely to desire to look into the product. This will increase the likelihood of them buying the item also. So, search for designs and incorporate them into your packaging.

How to pack the item to ship: the items to be aware of

You’ve examined the different kinds of packaging boxes that are available , as and some ways to alter the packaging. It’s time to review the guidelines to follow prior to the delivery of your packaged goods . It is important to be aware of Boxed Packaged Goods.

Below, we’ve provided suggestions for packaging that will make sure that your product stays in good shape throughout the transportation.

  • Review the requirements of the product and select the best packaging material It is important to select the right packaging material for the product you are selling. If you’re using a rigid packaging for a weighty product, it does not make sense. We have also seen that environmental factors are important. Therefore, making the right decision when it comes to choosing the material for packaging is vital.
  • The dimensions and form of the item If you’re using a container as a packaging material, make sure to ensure that there’s enough space to fit. Additionally, once the item is fitted into the box, you’ll require cushioning materials to shield any harm.
  • How fragile the product you sell? It’s crucial to consider the importance and fragile nature of your product. When packaging Bagged Packaged Goods in boxes It is crucial to ensure that adequate cushioning is given for them, or else they will be damaged in the course of transport.
  • Wrap the items separately If you’re packaging more than one thing inside a box make sure you wrap them in a separate manner. You’ll also require padding partitions in the box to stop collisions between them. the other.
  • Secure the box correctly The proper sealing on the container is essential to keep moisture out. Use the appropriate tape dimensions for packing. Do not use straps or strings since they won’t be capable of supporting the weighty loads and may damage large products.

The levels of packaging: primary, Secondary and Tertiary

Primary packaging

It is also referred to as ‘consumer packaged’ or “retail packaging’. This kind of packaging is directly in contact with the product. For instance, if you buy chilled drinks that are packed in the can made from steel this can would be the primary packaging used for cold drinks.

The primary packaging is the one where you showcase your logo, company name, as well as information about the product. It is also possible to use extensive design for making the appearance of the product attractive.

Packaging secondary to HTML0.

This is not part of the primary packaging and functions as an inventory keeping unit. Bundles of goods are put together, usually in cardboard packaging or plastic containers for additional transportation. This packaging is referred to as secondary packaging.

Secondary packaging usually doesn’t promote the brand name of your company or logo. However, certain retailers make use of secondary packaging for advertising purposes. Logos and names of the company are placed on the packaging used for secondary purposes.

Packaging for Tertiary

This is the transport stage packaging. The huge iron box is an example of tertiary packaging in which the product is packed into the second packaging, and stacks of the packaging are ready to be transported.

Tertiary packaging isn’t usually used to promote the name of your company, brand or name, however some large-scale businesses also have their own containers which they use to promote their advertisements. Most of the time, the packaging for tertiary uses the logo or name of the transport business involved.

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