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One of the most popular things in 2023 is the concept of cryptocurrencies and everything that can be achieved with them. They are quite useful on their own, but their usefulness is consistently growing as they are constantly being integrated into other things such as video games, art and more. While it has massively grown in popularity, it’s also interesting that it’s showing no signs of stopping as of now and the growth is still consistent. This is despite the massive number of doomsayers that believed we would have a massive drop in popularity this year but that has yet to come. We’ll be covering this popularity and the whole phenomenon today. If you have any other questions about cryptocurrencies we highly recommend reading up on all of the latest crypto news as it can be a great help.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Before we get into the popularity of cryptocurrencies we believe it’s important to first go over once more what they are and how they work for all of those who are reading who may be new to the world of crypto and blockchains. To put it simply, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies which work on a decentralized system. This means that there isn’t one central authority that looks over and governs everything related to the currency, rather it works on a trustless system.

All of this together means that these currencies are pretty much impossible to counterfeit and every single transaction is logged on the blockchain. This provides not only incredible security to everyone but it also means that privacy is very high. You don’t need to divulge any personal information whenever you’re making crypto payments unlike, say for example, credit cards. Considering how hard privacy can be to come by in today’s day and age we believe this is a critical aspect and part of why crypto has become so popular.

Why are they so popular?

There isn’t any one clear answer and this topic is consistently debated upon so we’ll chime in and give our two cents so you know what we believe is the answer. The reason for the debate is that there are many different upsides to crypto and even more reasons that people have given as to why they’ve gotten into the scene. This results in conflicting opinions and it’s pretty hard for a single answer to be given.

There are numerous reasons why cryptocurrency has grown as popular as it is and the first one would be the innovation that it provides. People generally like testing out new concepts and ideas that seem interesting so it’s no surprise that cryptocurrencies have had such an effect on people. They are currencies, but are so different from the ones that we are used to that they have this veil of mystery around them and are simply incredibly interesting to people.

The other reason we believe that there are so many people interested in cryptocurrencies is the “early bird” effect. People see that there is an incredible amount of potential in cryptocurrencies and of course where there is potential there is the potential for money to be made. Due to this many try to get into things early on while it’s easier and perhaps cheaper to do so as they believe they will be able to make lots of money. They trust that cryptocurrencies will continue further growing at a rate fast enough to make them good profits.

Are there any hurdles for crypto?

As with any new creation there are some roadbumps that need to be passed before we can get to the smooth sailing part. For now one of the biggest issues that cryptocurrencies have is a lack of adoption. You don’t have an easy way to spend your cryptocurrency on basic things such as groceries and gas without first converting it into regular money and that’s a pain in the neck for most people which keeps them from investing.

Of course this has happened to everything, including cars when they were first invented, so we just need to weather the storm until widespread adoption happens and more streamlined ways of utilizing crypto in your daily life are created. Of course there are also legislative issues due to the belief that cryptocurrencies are used for a lot of criminal activity. These beliefs slow things down but have thankfully not stopped any real progress from being made.


They’re such an incredible invention and we’re truly glad that nothing has been able to stop them so far from gaining and keeping popularity so effectively. We really can’t wait to see all the other things that will be made with them in the future.

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