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TV services have been in business for so long and no matter how much you deny it, you cannot possibly live without them. If you want to have the best entertainment experience, get a reliable TV service. There are several considerations, which must be made when selecting a TV provider for your house. After all, it’s one of the most crucial choices you’ll have to make because it’s the main source of entertainment.

If you are paying for something, you need to make sure that you get the best out of it because TV services are the source of entertainment and not frustration. Most often, people rush into this choice and sign a contract that lasts for a year or two. Once you go for a contract, you have to stick with the company till the contract ends or you have to pay termination charges. This is quite common no matter what TV connection you are getting because most TV service providers offer contracts. Therefore, it is better to get something that ticks all the boxes.

The two most popular methods of getting the TV service in the US are cable and satellite. A coaxial cable network that spans over 42 states is used by cable TV service providers. On the other hand, satellite service is more widely available and more easily accessible.

These services are fundamentally unique, and the suppliers demand various fees for them. We’ll talk about the most frequent query from customers today, which is; should I choose satellite TV or cable TV?

Cable TV

A classic way to get HD TV service in your house is through cable. In the US, there are many service providers which are offering TV services and are continuously working on reliability and consistency. Each of them has a variety of prices. When comparing the benefits of cable TV with satellite TV, cable TV comes out cheaper. Service providers like Cox are providing reliable services via cable connections available in around 19 states. They have plans for both their English and Spanish users. For example, if you need a plan with Spanish channels, you can reach out to Cox Communications en Español and they will assist you with all your queries.

Furthermore, we will discuss a few things about cable TV.


There are multiple costs associated with cable TV. These costs include the price of the plan, rental of the cable box, local broadcast surcharges, and sports fees. The price of the plan usually depends on the promotion available in your area and also on the service providers. There are many service providers, which are providing reliable TV services with an amazing channel lineup along with the other telecommunication services via the cable connection and are very economical.

When you check the prices of the TV plans, it’s usually just the service charge and doesn’t include any other extra charges like equipment cost, taxes, or surcharges.

Cable TV plans

Cable TV has a lot to offer. There are extensive channel lineups and channel lineups are well-tailored to meet the requirements of every household. Their plans differ in terms of the number of channels, premium channels, and other add-ons. The cable TV plans usually cost you around $45.00 for the basic plan, excluding taxes and surcharges.

Every household has its own needs and before getting the plan, you need to ensure that you write down all the must-have channels because a basic plan will be coming with the basic and local channels and won’t be expensive. However, if you get a premium plan, you will be getting premium channels along with the basic channels and that will cost you a handsome amount of money every month.

Equipment cost

In order to get the TV services, you need cable boxes and each cable box costs a few bucks. It all depends on your needs. For example, if you have a big house with multiple TVs and none of them is smart TV then you need to get a cable box for all the TVs on which you want the services. However, if you have a smart TV, then you will be saving on the cost of a cable box.

When you sign up for the TV services, you get an app and you can use that app on any smart device and can enjoy your favorite live TV shows and sports.

Monthly Bill

If you get a single box with the basic plan, the monthly charge for your TV services including the box cost would be around $60.00. If you want to include the premium channels, you are looking at more than $95.00 a month for the services. However, a cheaper approach is bundling the internet with the cable TV service. This will save you on your monthly cable bill. Cable internet is always faster than satellite, so it’s always recommended to get internet via cable connection.


Another way to get TV services is through a satellite connection. It differs significantly from conventional cable in every way. The job is straightforward. The satellites in space receive the signals from the television providers, and those satellites then send the signals to smaller dishes that are mounted on the roofs of your homes. Receivers are used to transform signals into images. That is the reason why satellite TV is widely available throughout the US. All you need is a clear view of a southern sky.


It won’t be hard to find some good satellite TV providers around you. DIRECTV and Dish provide services in all 50 states in the US. Satellite TV service providers usually cost you more than $60.00 a month for the basic plan. This is the base price for the plan. There are extra charges on top.

Equipment Cost

In order to get the services through a satellite connection, a dish has to be installed. You can purchase the dish or rent it out. There are different charges for the dish but remember that the whole process of installing a dish is very complicated and costly.

Summing it up

Cable TV is usually cheaper and is more reliable than the satellite service but it mainly depends on the provider you are with. While getting the services, check all the available service providers in your area. Write down the pros and cons of both and then go for the service provider, which suits your needs, and budget.

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