A lead marketer swear by content marketing and link building when it comes to securing great rankings for their website. The online world is a crowded place! Millions are millions of websites that continue to clamor for attention. The ones that finally manage to grab eyeballs are the ones that have their marketing strategies in place. Digital marketing also involves other aspects like search engine optimization, email marketing, social media management, and more. However, any “marketing agency near me” will reiterate, the importance of content marketing can never be undermined.

Content marketing Hacks to Swear By 

Some content marketing hacks marketers rely on include:

  1. Targeting the right keywords: This has to begin with a comprehensive keyword research activity with the aid of relevant tools. When seeking options for service-specific keywords, it is always a good idea to keep the focus on “long tail keywords”. These are the ones that contain more than two words. For instance, if you are seeking suitable keywords for beauty salons and spas marketing, for instance, something like “the best spa service in town” could be an apt long-tail keyword to consider. These keywords are specific and used for driving more result-oriented traffic to the website. People who would use such specific keywords would naturally have a richer intent or interest in your business. Once the keywords have been selected, a content creator will integrate them into the main text. Also, make sure you keep the usage of keywords to a minimum. Google does not like web pages that are “stuffed” with keywords.
  2. Compelling Title Tags: Your content is not likely to be accessed if you do not have an informative, compelling, and attention-grabbing title-tag. The title tag should be representative of the text and concise at the same time. You need to create a tag within 60 characters so that it does not appear truncated on the search engine page. Also, the title tags need to include keywords at all times so that the search engine can fish them out.
  3. Meta Descriptions: Meta descriptions are short descriptions that are added right after pasting the title tag. Penning these down well is important so that visitors read through them and feel compelled to click on them. They must include keywords and key phrases and should provide an interesting summary of the article or the web page content in question. Meta descriptions should not be longer than 155 characters.
  4. Using an Interesting Headline: The headline is the first thing visitors will witness when they view your web page. As specialists marketing agency in Utahwill emphasize, headlines need creativity. Using buzzwords for triggering excitement and eagerness in people is a great idea. Refraining from using any form of business jargon is wise. You can use A/B testing for testing headlines to find the one that generates the most promising results.
  5. Try Different Formats: When creating content, choose different formats. Although blogging is the commonest form of content marketing exercise, you need to consider more forms like graphs, infographics, and so on to makethe stuff interesting. Also consider using videos, podcasts, Ebooks, and so on.

Content marketing can weave the magic when done right. Make sure you choose your content provider wisely for desired results.

By addison