Samsung SM-T530NU

We all are surrounded by digital device/gadgets and completely dependent on them for our personal as well as professional use. we all loves to access our per day reports analysis and access mail via such gadgets like mobile phones & laptops. Because carrying a laptop or a work station all the time is not always possible.

Tablets are highly preferable for such task like accessing mails & live docs, instant answering on social media and so on. You can carry such gadgets easily in your bag pack, sling bang or any shoulder bag. Samsung tablets are most popular in terms of smartphones and tablets. It is known for providing good quality products in cheap and pocket friendly price.

We will talk about one of most popular gadgets of Samsung which is a sound name in its market the name is Samsung SM-T530NU tablet, it was launched in late 2014 probably in the month of April and still popular due to its key specification, awesome functionality. This device is consisting with amazing features which can’t be found in any other device.

In this guide, you’re going to explore about it more and why its still in the market and popularity is same as in past. So, let’s get to know about its full specifications.

Samsung SM-T530NU tablet: brief summary

Well! If we talk about this tablet, the previous model’s camera quality was not that much clear and users was also facing some internet connectivity issues while connecting with wi-fi connection. Also, there was some storage issues, now Samsung Model SM-T530NU comes till 64 GB (which further can be extended). The camera quality also improved now and it comes with front camera also. So, now taking selfies with tab is can be done.

Samsung Tablet SM-T530NU is the new model of Samsung tab which was launched in Nov 2020, the starting price is 21,000/- INR with few added & attractive features. Now it comes in 10.1-inch size with wi-fi 802.11 a/b/g/n sensors and further include accelerometer with proximity sensor.  It has 16GB inbuilt storage that can be expanded later with microSD card up to 64GB.

Samsung SM-T530NU Battery Replacement Kit

If we talk about any gadget or device battery plays an important role as these devices are entirely dependent on such battery. When it came with entire replacement kit that it’s will be consider as a best buying option. Adding Samsung SM-T530NU Battery Replacement kit with your tablet is the best choice to buy at once and in single go.

This tab is coming with additional battery which can be used later for tab as well can be used as power for laptop battery which is a good buying option. If you are willing to buy a good battery kit for your tab then go for Samsung SM-T530NU Battery which is basically a replacement kit which can be added later and placing of it can be done manually without adding any additional tool.

The battery capacity till 6000mah with one-year warranty. The battery cell type is lithium and the installation of it can be done easily because it’s light in weight and easily detachable. If you find any difficulty at the time of battery installation you can take help from the videos. There are several videos are posted on it.

So, do not worry about this deal and choose it wisely. It will be works well for you and proved as the best deal.

Samsung SM-T530NU tab full features and specifications

  1. The display of the tab screen is 10.10 inch (800×1280 pixels)
  2.  Camera: front main camera (3.15 MP), Selfie camera (1.3 MP) and rear camera (3 MP)
  3. Battery capacity is 6800MAH (with 6000mah battery)
  4. Storage: RAM (1.5 GB), ROM (16GB, which can be extended up to  64GB)
  5. Talk time or battery backup up to 10 hours
  6. Processor: 1.2GHz quad-core with Operating system Android 4.4 (KitKat)

Final Words

We hope that the above mention guide considers as the quick and under stable to know more about few important specifications of Samsung SM-T530NU which is still a known and sound product in Samsung’s market. If you have anything to ask and looking for few more points, do not hesitate to mention us. We would love to hear from you.

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