Halloween is here! We’re as excited as you! One of the most fun-filled fests of the year. Kids running around in their horrifying costumes and screaming trick or treat, a truly rejoicing sight to behold. Isn’t it? Halloween is truly an event all of us wait for deliberately. When we think of Halloween, thinking about the pumpkin comes along with it! The pumpkin’s bright orange color is just the thought that flashes in our minds as we think about Halloween. Let’s make this Halloween a memorable one! This Halloween, let’s have pumpkins to talk about!

Since when have pumpkins been in use during Halloween, how did it start? A glimpse of history!

Interestingly, pumpkins are known to be one of the oldest cultivated plants. Surprisingly, the plant has been in use since 7500 BC! The pumpkin is originally native to North America and has been in use for a long period, both for food and fun! Pumpkin is a huge part of Halloween celebrations and has been famous for a long time! Pumpkin pie is a traditional dish that is prepared and relished in most of the Native American festivals and during Halloween, pumpkin is almost the word on everyone’s tongues. The Jack o lantern is almost a signature mark, Halloween isn’t truly fun without the jack o lanterns, isn’t it? Be it, kids, or adults, each individual is extremely fascinated by the jack of lanterns. Jack o lanterns are more than a word, it’s an emotion, it’s an unerasable memory in the mind. As adults we often see kids roaming around in their Halloween costumes with the jack of lanterns during Halloween and remember our memorable childhood days. The way we used to roam around with our childhood buddies, we’re sure even you will have such beautiful tidbits of memory.

Now that you’ve brushed your memory, don’t you feel like you should also gift your loved children with a Halloween souvenir? A unique Halloween present that would remind the child about Halloween for the years to come. Why not give him/her Halloween pumpkin pins? It will be just the perfect gift to give and will stand to the occasion! Halloween pumpkin pins also come in numerous shades of orange and different kinds of styles. They do not look very kiddish, so even an adult can wear it! Small children would also love to have a fancy-looking Halloween pumpkin pin on them! Its bright orange color casts a gloomy effect and truly suits the occasion! It’s just the perfect gift you could give to anyone for Halloween!

Use scary masks and shields? Sounds fun, isn’t it?

Well with the unprecedented pandemic of covid 19 being around, it’s very risky to go outside home. Everyone is afraid of catching the virus upon going outside. This Halloween, the virus has become the scariest part! Well, you need not fear the virus anymore! You can scare away the virus while protecting yourself from getting it. You can use a Halloween themed mask, it will ensure to keep you away from the virus and at the same time, it will suit the occasion! A scary mask on Halloween. Day? Couldn’t get any better, can it? Well yes, it can! How about a Halloween themed face shield? A shield is more protective than a mask and is more likely to keep you away from catching the virus! You can wear a Halloween themed face shield, it will scare the virus away and make your Halloween costume stand out among the others’ costumes!

Custom made kids’ labels

Any product which is customized is always much better than a general product. Customized products have always been trendy and fashionable. How about getting cute little Custom made kids’ labels for Halloween? It can carry any sort of message. For instance “I am a cute ghost, are you not scared of me?”, something like ” Don’t come close, I may bite at times” or something like ” I am a little monster, if you don’t believe it you can ask my mom”. The message on the label could be anything, anything which you think would suit your kid and make him/her look the best dressed for bed the Halloween day! Such a custom made kids’ label would look very attractive and put the spotlight onto your kid. Such an acutely written message on the custom label would make people fall in awe with your kid! Doesn’t it sound interesting? Well, it is as intriguing as it sounds, get a customized kids’ Halloween label this Halloween and make it a memorable one amidst the pandemic situation! Are you ready to make your kid the coolest one on Halloween day?

Do not forget to maintain the distance!

Getting close to a ghost could be horrifying, isn’t it? Well, as we see the world today, getting close to a human being also could be haunting amidst this covid 19 pandemic situation. So do not forget to maintain the social distancing norms amidst the pandemic. Save yourself from the virus and discourage the spread of the virus! At the same time, ensure not to get tricked by a little one screaming around ” trick or treat!’. All in all, have all the fun and enjoy yourself thoroughly and at the same time protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus!

The final note

We have the unfortunate pandemic situation which is truly unavoidable. We cannot do anything but protect ourselves from the virus, but this doesn’t mean that your Halloween fun should be brought to a halt. This Halloween, follow all the social distancing norms and other safety protocols and similarly enjoy yourselves as earlier. Stay safe, stay happy, happy Halloween!

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