Instagram, the most engaging platform with one billion active followers, is one of the most popular social networks that can assist you in any way. Also, it plays a major role in the e-commerce field and you can easily buy or sell the item you wish. If you want to sell a household item it is only a click away. You can select the item you want to sell and according to your niche instagram can show you thousands of tags. Instagram is full of consumers and buyers, so the buyers make sure that minimum of their time is utilized and they can effortlessly find the item they wish to purchase so there is no need to get out of their comfort zone and walk to the store.

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Moreover, the brand which people might not find in their country can easily find on this platform. The most famous brands in the world use this opportunity to share their products in a very appealing way. Now if in case, you don’t have access to instagram you might end up not selling the item and losing a wide range of customers.
Now to sell an item, make sure you have an instagram app ready and updated in your mobile phone. Open the app and create a business page for your items with a very attractive title which people can find effortlessly.
Click on the ‘add photo’ on your profile and type the write a description of the item you wish to sell. Not to make it complicated, write an easy description and title of the item you wish to sell. Additionally, you can provide the link of the online store in bio so people can simply click on it and go through the product and select the product they like. Also,the post instantly puts up a link so that customers can swiftly add to cart and checkout or maybe explore their remaining catalogue. It also provides them with the option of either cash on delivery or online. Now you can sell maximum of your product if you have a high number of audience but getting them is indeed a very difficult task so instead of buying bots which are of no use you can easily get permanent and real followers from IG HYPE. Furthermore, if people don’t wish to buy from a link they can always inbox or direct message on your page.  You should try to deliver their product in 2-3 working days as it can make the buyer content and also make sure that the product is carefully delivered at their doorstep.
You can also sync your Instagram with facebook as you can run advertisements on Instagram using Facebook.
You can add reviews on your page to build trust and make sure that the item you are selling is upto the mark with no default. Some shoppable pages also give an option of returning the item incase if buyer doesn’t like the product. You can also find famous influencers promoting your items  so people have a full idea and assurity of the item you are selling.
You can add relevant hashtags on the post and this can aid you in attracting more buyers. Adding appropriate hashtags is a very smart move since people can find your page a lot more easily and not only on one page but other pages too. This can help promote your product and also increase your sales.

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