A car magnet can go a long way in making your business unique, so try to get professional advice to know what works best in your case. You might have a very attractive business logo but using a magnetic sign can increase sales effectively when you are introducing a new feature. So, if you are planning to spread awareness about your business or need to raise money for an event, here are the things on which to focus.

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  • The car magnets are suitable for ferrous surfaces only. You can get car doors made from fiberglass and aluminum. Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind that you require magnetic surfaces only so that the magnets can stock properly.
  • If you can manage to get a car with a magnetic surface, you need to decide the size of the magnet. The magnet should not be too small as it will make it hard for the readers to understand.
  • You can decide on a custom shape or theme based on your needs.
  • The car magnet should amplify your brand, so make sure to include essential information, such as phone numbers, URL of the company’s website, and the name of the company.
  • You can add short messages or slogans to make it easy for the audience to remember your brand.
  • The shape of the magnet should resonate with your brand and is a head turner in the real sense.
  • Once you decide on the shape and the information to include in the magnet, you need to focus on a design that fits the chosen size.

Stay original

No matter how desperate you may be to promote your business but it does not mean copying a design and incorporating a few changes here and there. Remember that an original design is still the best option and more attention-grabbing when it comes to car magnets. For instance, most people choose round or oval shapes as they can serve your requirements in the long run. Ideally, you need to stick to a shape that makes real sense. Using a cross-shaped magnet can accomplish your needs if you are raising money for a charity organization.

Less is more

Avoid making the magnet go overboard. Whether you plan to include a slogan or text in the magnet, do not makes it too flashy or a hub of information. All you need is include a few elements to make the magnet easy for people to understand. A clean magnet with a simple message can deliver the result you need.

Do not follow trends

Trends of magnetic signs are short-lived and they may not be as effective when you envisage the long-term results. Make sure to use a design that can hold good for five years from now.  The custom car magnet must include a timeless design to be used on the back of the vehicle for several years. Following a trend can make the design hackneyed and push you back as far as business advertisement is concerned. Finally, you should not fall for cheap designs to save money as they do not hold good for long.

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