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In recent times, different podcasts and other types of audio content had nothing to do with SEO and were not considered SEO assets. You might be podcasting to get more extended reach, promote your ideas and expertise and do some networking with other people who are part of the same industry. In recent years, Google announced that podcasts will also be indexed and they will also become part of search results as well. Also, there are many other steps that can make podcasts more searchable and now there are advancements in AI that can help you pinpoint verbalized keywords within the podcasts. One can rank them accordingly.

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In the current digital age, one can make sure to research where your audience is and who they are. Apart from that, you can get your business more exposure by using Podcasts for product reviews, interactive sessions, and expert endorsement for your products. For instance, you can get a high official from the law enforcement agencies in your area and review security products like security cameras, gadgets, best practices like Xfinity Security System, and others. For now, let’s have a look at the different things that you can do to optimize your podcast for SEO:

Find Yourself an Appropriate Platform

One of the first things that you should do to make sure that you get your podcast optimized is to research your target audience. This will make things easy for you to create campaigns and perform other vital operations. This is why you have to be too thorough as you can. You can identify your demographics and find out the platform that they tend to interact for the content of your podcast. You can use platforms like Spotify, Captivate, iTunes, and other platforms. Having the right place for the right people is getting done with half the battle.

Get Yourself A Site For Your Podcast

You might think that you don’t need a website so that you can start your podcast but this can have more benefits for you as far as SEO is concerned. A website makes it easier for search engines so that you can discover different episodes and increase traffic. You can also, use your website to build an email list so that you can increase your listeners and add more to their loyalty. On a website, you can also create a blog that can go side by side with the release of your podcasts. These blogs can be optimized just like other blog content and link from one episode to the other. You can further add related posts and keep your audience engaged.

You Can Add Keywords To Your Episodes

One of the foremost keywords that you can find in your podcast is there in the title. This is why you have to add more keywords to be added to your title. This determines whether your users or someone from your audience is going to engage on your podcast or not. To make it more result-generating, you should try to be as clear as possible and make it more descriptive. Also, keep in mind that there is a character limit as well. The purpose of all these activities is to get a good search volume and low competition. For this, you can use tools like Google Keyword Planner.

Think About Relevant Topics or Theme

You can go for a podcast that has a more casual and conversational theme. But even then you will still need to get your podcast a theme or topic. You can start working on your audience data. This will make things easy for Google to understand your content and the strategy to index. This will be possible if you define a clear topic according to the preference of your audience and their expectations. Also, if you have a clear theme it will help your listeners understand and maintain their focus without going astray during the conversation.

Link and Share Your Podcast on Social Media

One of the prominent indicators that your podcast is a success is determined by the number of shares on your post and comments by your audience it gets on social media. Just like other areas of marketing, the social media strategy should have data that revolve around your topic and your target audience. Once your content gets shared on the right platform, you can create tracking links so that you can find channels that perform better and get better feedback.


In the end, one can say that in the current digital age, you can make sure that your podcast becomes a profitable way for your business or blog. It is also very easy to work on if you have a conversational tone for your podcast as many users love to hear speakers and about topics that are centered more towards them rather than a product that you want them to buy

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