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With so many adverse events like the Covid-19 pandemic, war, and others, many people in different countries worry about their savings and investments. Usually, inflation is one of the first problems affecting people’s finances in these conditions. Inflation can devalue your traditional assets, causing considerable losses.

Hence, it is imperative to find effective hedges against inflation during economic turmoil. Traditional hedges include precious metals (gold, silver), real estate, and other commodities. Experts have identified a new type of hedge against inflation: cryptocurrencies. Strictly, not all cryptocurrencies can hedge your investments against inflation. So, you must select the correct cryptocurrencies to purchase if you do not want to lose money.

In this article, to help you choose the correct cryptocurrency, we discuss the projections of Hedera (HBAR) and Cronos (CRO), formerly known as Crypto.com Coin. We open our discussion with an HBAR 2022 price prediction. After it, we discuss the price prediction for the next few years. Next, we do the same for the CRO coin.

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HBAR Projections for the Coming Years

Before investing in a cryptocurrency, you should know the basics thereof. So, what is Hedera? It is a public network for creating decentralized applications (DApps). But unlike other similar platforms, Hedera uses the hashgraph distributed ledger technology instead of a blockchain. This technology enables faster network performance and more stability.

HBAR is the native utility token of the Hedera network. It powers smart contracts and enables different transactions on the network. Holders can stake their HBAR tokens to help secure the network and get rewards for this service. During its initial coin offering (ICO) in August 2018, each HBAR token sold at $0.12. This token reached its all-time high price on September 16, 2021, when it sold at $0.5701. As of the last week of March 2022, each HBAR token trades at approximately $0.24.

Experts believe the HBAR token will increase its value throughout 2022. They think the HBAR price will be around $2.5 in the first half of 2022. But it could drop to $2 by the end of the year. As the Hedera network develops further, the HBAR token will appreciate more. In 2023, it could sell at $4 and, in 2025, at $7 or even $7.5. In 2030, an HBAR token will not cost less than $8. As seen, HBAR is an excellent short-term and long-term investment.

CRO Projections for the Coming Years

Let us discuss now how the CRO coin will perform in the short and long term. But before analyzing the Crypto.com price prediction 2030 and other forecasts, let us learn the basics of this digital asset. CRO is the native token of an open-source blockchain developed by Crypto.com. Initially, it was known as Crypto.com Coin, but it was rebranded to Cronos.

Crypto.com has set out to speed up the global adoption of cryptocurrencies by the general population. CRO and its blockchain are part of these efforts. CRO’s main objective is to serve as the currency of the Crypto.com Pay mobile payments app. This cryptocurrency reached its all-time high price on November 24, 2021, when it traded at $0.9698. As of the last week of March 2022, CRO sold at around $0.49.

The forecasts for CRO in 2022 indicate this coin may lose value. By the end of the year, it will likely sell at $0.30. In 2023, CRO will bounce and end that year at $0.38. The uptrend will continue in 2024 when the CRO price reaches almost $0.5. In the following year, CRO will sell at a maximum of $0.65. In 2027, CRO will go above the $1 mark. If Crypto.com succeeds in integrating CRO into other services, this coin could trade at approximately $5 in 2030.

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