October 17, 2021

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Kya Bolti Public Flipkart Answers Today for Season 4 ?

Kya Bolti Public Flipkart Answers Today

Kya Bolti Public Flipkart Answers Today For Season 4 in a Single Page.

Play Kya Bolti Public Flipkart Answers Today for season 4 by answering 3 question correctly and win assured prizes of Smart Phones, Flipkart Vouchers, Super Coins and other Exciting Prizes.

E22: Selfie ya Photography?

Short Answers: A, B, B

  1. Do people need one alarm or more than one to wake up?

    Answer: One Alarm

  2. Which cousin siblings duo looks better?

    Answer: Prineeti and Priyanka

  3. Do people prefer being clicked by other or take their selfies?

    Answer: Taking Selfies

E23: Jewellery: Gold ya Diamond?

Short Anwers: A, A, B

  1. What do people prefer doing on a Sunday?

    Answer: Sleeping

  2. Do people prefer Diamond or Gold Jewellery?

    Answer: Diamond

  3. Do people prefer listening to music while working?

    Answer: No

E24: Romance ya Thriller?

Short Answers: A, A, B

  1. Who do people prefer listening to during the monsoon season?

    Answer: Arijit Singh

  2. What is the strangest thing people have done during an online meeting?

    Answer: Brushing Teeth

  3. What genre of movie do people prefer watching on a date?

    Answer: Action and Thriller

E25: Movies ya Serials

Short Answers: B, A, A

  1. Which celebrity couple do people like more?

    Answer: Ranveer – Deepika

  2. What do people like watching more?

    Answer: Movies

  3. Do people try on clothes before they buy?

    Answer: Yes

E26: Sandals ya Shoes

Short Answers: B, B, A

  1. What type of footwear do women prefer?

    Answer: Shoes

  2. How many people read terms and conditions while signing a document?

    Answer: 70% – 80%

  3. Do you think Indian man still wear vests under their shirt?

    Answer: Yes

E27: Work: Morning ya Night?

Short Answers: B, A, B

  1. What time of the day do people like working early mornings or late night?

    Answer: Late Night

  2. Is spoken english necessary to get a Job?

    Answer: Yes

  3. Who is the better digit content creator?

    Answer: Prajkta Kohli

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