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Whenever we are surfing the web, we surely come across at least one video, right? But why is it so? Videos are currently the most popular form of media that is present on this planet. For the last few years, videos have taken over the marketing industry, and that too in a very powerful manner. Back in 2016, only 61% of all businesses in the world were trying to use videos in their marketing campaigns. In 2020, the percentage increased to at least 82%. So, that clearly shows you that marketing with the help of videos is the best option now.

Using videos can help you to create an online presence that is more engaging and can offer mind-blowing results at the end of the day. Videos are easily shareable and can offer people the opportunity to relate to your brand in a more convenient way. They are interesting to watch and easier to understand due to the smooth visuals. If you see the video marketing statistics of the last few years, then you will be surprised to know how far video content has come into this world in 2021.

So, in this blog, we are going to share with you some really good and reliable video marketing statistics that you should keep in mind. Check them out & learn more about video marketing.

ROI Statistics of Video Marketing

In a 2020 report, it was found that video marketing has delivered the best ROI – 

  • 89% of all video marketers in the world have said that videos can give you a fantastic ROI at all times.
  • More than 83% of video marketers have said that videos can help them in generating more leads.
  • 87% of video marketers say videos can offer better organic traffic into their website over the course of time.
  • 80% of marketing experts have agreed that videos can directly help them to increase their sales and revenue.
  • 91% of all the marketers are usually more than satisfied when it comes to using videos for marketing purposes.

So, this clearly shows you that there is not a single doubt that videos have turned out to be the most popular and effective medium of marketing in any industry in 2021. Videos have delivered the results that brands were always looking for and tried to cultivate earlier.

Who Is Using Video Marketing?

Video marketing is as widespread as you can imagine. Check out these statistics to know who is using video marketing in the world – 

1. 85% of all businesses in 2021 have reported that they are using video as their most important marketing tool.

2. 71% of B2B marketing experts have taken the help of videos when it comes to marketing their products & services.

3. 66% of B2C marketers, on the other hand, are fond of using videos to expose their brand to people.

Not only pre-made and edited videos are popular to the B2B or B2C businesses. But 57% of them have also taken the help of live videos in order to reach out to their audience.

Video Marketing Statistics for Consumers

General people have also contributed to video marketing over the years. It is seen that people watch at least 16 hours of videos online every week of the month, and of them, 84% agree that they were more convinced to buy a product after they watched a brand’s video about it.

  • At least 55% of online shoppers use online video when they are trying to shop from a store, according to Google.
  • 66% of all consumers show more interest and comfort in buying a product about which they have seen a video. They feel more confident.
  • In 2021, Hubspot has found that 54% more consumers want to see brand and marketing videos this year.

Statistics for Video Platforms

People can watch videos on different platforms and enjoy their time. Each of these platforms has millions of followers. Here are some video marketing statistics for 2021 – 

  • YouTube is still the largest platform when it comes to video sharing. 87% of all marketers use YouTube as their favorite platform to launch videos.
  • Webinars have also turned out to be very successful for most brands. Only 46% of all brands used webinars in 2019, but in 2020-21, the number increases to 62% in just a few months.
  • TikTok has emerged to be one of the biggest video sharing platforms too. Even brands are using it to spread the word about their products. More than 20% of brands agreed to use TikTok as a platform for marketing themselves.

Video Marketing – The Future Prospect

Now that you are aware of the current video marketing statistics, here are some more that clearly tells you about the future prospects – 

  • 99% of brands and marketing experts have agreed to use video marketing beyond 2021 due to the higher ROI.
  • 96% of all brands have shown interest in increasing their spending on creating and producing marketing videos.
  • 89% of marketers in 2021 are likely to include YouTube in their video marketing strategies for sure.
  • Marketers are also interested in using Facebook as a possible ground for video marketing campaigns, and 70% of them plan to use Facebook.
  • Video marketers are also planning to use Instagram as a potential place for promoting their videos. 58% of them are ready to launch videos there.

Final Words – 

Video marketing is the king when it comes to promoting your products or services in 2021. In the last few years, we have seen that there has been a huge rise in its popularity and the craze continues to rage on.

Almost every brand that we see online tries to create videos in order to promote its products and services to the audience. You can check out these statistics and clearly understand how video marketing has taken over the industry. It is here to stay for a very long time from now.

So, once you start making videos for your company or service and posting them on social media, these statistics will help you gain an edge over your competitors. 

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