Living in this modern world has given us the privilege to do many difficult things in quite an easy way. In this article, we are going to talk about an amazing product called the Apple corer. As the manufacturing industries have grown advance, there are efficient and affordable tools to do almost every housework. The recipes that people watched in movies and TV commercials can be cooked very effectively in the kitchen.

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There are several special occasions when we have to get a little creative. It may be on new year’s eve or at someone’s birthday party, some special decorations are needed. If there is something to eat, the table is always incomplete without fruits. Giving the fruits a little taste of decoration makes people more delighted than ever. This is where tools like the apple peeler corer slicer come into play.

But the abundance of materials on the internet makes it hard to choose one product. This is the main reason why we are writing the article. Here, we will help you in getting the best apple corer slicer peeler. The latter portion of this article will have one section for apple corer, one for apple slicer, and one for apple peeler. Once you complete this article, you will be able to choose the right product for you.

The apple slicer

In this section, we are going to talk the apple slicer. The kitchen is often considered the heart of a home. This makes it very important for you to have the proper appliances there. When you have proper tools there, your time in the kitchen would be fun. There are several recipes for apples that require more apples to be sliced. If you are planning to cook apple pie or you have to make apple sauce, more apples are needed there.

In such situations, you can’t rely on the knife or any other conventional tool like that. This is the main reason why we are discussing about the apple slicer. Apple slicer would be the perfect tool in such a situation. The best thing about this slicer is that it is not expensive and neither does it require power to operate. Anyone with a little bit of strength and coordination can use it.

Now we are going to discuss the working of apple slicer. There are several types of slicers available in the market and you can choose any of them based on your needs. If you want thin slices, you can buy the thin apple slicer and in some cases, a little thicker slices are needed. Then, you can choose the slicer accordingly. While using the slicers all you have to do is put the apple in a proper position. After that get the slicer over the apple and press it hardly downwards.

Once the slicer touches the surface where you are cutting the apple, you will get 8 or more sliced with the core of the apple removed. The number of slices that you will get depends on the type of slicer you are using.

There are several benefits associated with using the apple slicer and they are:

  • You can get as many slices as you want in less time and by putting less effort.
  • The slices obtained by using an apple slicer are uniform that is essential for a recipe.
  • It is very easy to clean. Most tools are convenient while using but they are difficult to clean. You will not find this trouble in apple slicers.
  • You can also use the apple slicer in slicing potatoes, tomatoes, and other vegetables that have a similar taste.

We are finished with the types and working of apple slicers. In the next section, we will talk about apple corers.

Apple corer

Apple is quite a popular fruit among all. Apples are not only healthy but they are also super tasty. At the same time, everyone would agree to the irritation that one faces when they eat they bite the core of an apple by mistake. Removing the core with a knife or some other conventional tool is a tough and time-consuming task. That is why we bring to you the ultimate solutions called the apple corer.

Apple corers are simple but very useful tools that you can use to remove the core of an apple. And you already know that once you remove the core there is only fun and nothing else.

The structure of apple corer is very simple where you get a handle at one end while there is a circular cutter at the other end. There are several recipes that demand a whole apple. And you can’t use slicers in that situation. Slicer would definitely remove the core but it will also slice the apple into pieces and ruin your recipe.

But when you use the corer, you will be able to remove the core of the apple very successfully while keeping the whole of the apple safe.

There are verities of apple corers available in the market today. All of those corers are made of stainless steel. They are very easy to clean. If you ever wash them with water, you should keep in mind to dry the corer quickly. This way, you will be able to keep the corer away from dust and this would also ensure a long life of the tool.

Using the corer is a quite simple task. Just put the apple in the right position and dig the corer into the apple. Once you have reached the end, pull the corer upwards slowly and then the core of the apple would get out. Now you are ready with the apple that you need.

The upcoming section of the blog is going to discuss the apple slicers.

The apple peeler

As the apples are always one of the best things to eat. Some recipes demand apples without slices. People have been using knives to peel off apples for a long time. You can take off the peels of one or two apples very quickly without any trouble but when there are plenty of apples, you can’t do it manually. In such a situation, all you need is an apple peeler. There are several types of apple peelers. The one you will choose depends on your needs. We are going to discuss each type and let us see which one suits you the best.


This peeler can be used very conveniently in your everyday works. The best thing about this peeler is that it is super affordable. With the horizontal and wide blade of this peeler, you can peel off an apple in very few strokes. Peeling off an apple using this peeler may take roughly about 15 seconds.

Swivel peeler

This is the most common type of apple peeler available in the market. It also has a wide blade but that is vertical. Those who are in the habit of peeling an apple with knives can use it very conveniently. But peeling off an apple using this peeler may take more time as compared to the Y-peeler.

This is also a nice tool to have in your kitchen but if you have plenty of apples, this might not be the right option for you. But it is quite a nice and affordable tool to go for if you are using it for one or two apples.

The Apple peeler attachment

This is an attachment that you can add to the motor of your mixture and it will allow you to peel an apple very quickly. If you are looking for a slicer to peel off a large number of apples, this is the best option that you should try. If you have set it on the lowest rotation speed, it would take about 19-20 seconds to take the peel of one apple. But this speed can be adjusted very easily based on your demands.

Even if it takes a more than usual time in peeling off an apple but the slices are thin. This way you will have more apple in your hand. You can also use an attachment to do a lot of things other than peeling off an apple. There are several types of blades that you can use for different purposes. You can use this apple peeler corer for the best results.

Crank apple peeler

These are more like the peeler that we were talking about in the previous section but it is not driven by electricity. While using this peeler, all you have to do is to fit the apple on a skrewer. And then you can peel off the apple very quickly by rotating the handle manually with your hands.

Final words

There are several types of peelers that we have talked about in this article. You can use the apple slicer and corer based on your convenience. Before buying anything, understanding and analyzing your needs first. If you don’t have a proper idea about your needs, you will always end up having the wrong product.

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