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Welcome to the SEOMafiya. We have an aim to help those who read our blog live life to the highest level. Our goal is to touch more than 100 million people after which, if we reach this, then we aim for 100 million more will be added, and, well you’ll see the idea, our goal is to go beyond.

Our aim is to get our readers as enthusiastic as they can to take chances, to begin moving towards their goals and aspirations, to help them live their lives fully out…and we require your assistance! Are you eager to tell your story, your tips, or your successes and life lessons to the ever-growing readership of

We’re looking for passionate bloggers, freelance writers and leaders who wish to share their tips on self-discipline, confidence and motivation, as well as money and how to live a prosperous life sharing your experiences with the world.

Share your passion with our readers. If you’re interested in joining us, take an in-depth look at the types of people we’re seeking and ways to get involved.

Why write for the SEOMafiya?

The SEOMafiya is an expanding media platform that sets very high standards for the quality of our content. This is why we SeoMafiya to create informative, useful and inspiring content that provides value to those who visit our site. What that means for you in writing for self development + write for us. Furthermore you will also:

  • Get a backlink to your site in your bio
  • Join one of the fastest growing achievement-oriented communities on the internet
  • Gain authority for your personal brand or your business
  • Get connected to other leaders as well as achievers and GO-Getters through our community.
  • Get a free promotion sent to hundreds of thousands of social media fans
  • Are you able to leverage exposure from The SEOMafiya to get other chances, i.e., more speaking engagements, guest authoring and more..
  • Find a permanent space in our Archives and increase the long-term flow of traffic back to you
  • Utilize our SEO Editor’s and Analyst’s skills to increase the chance of your article being ranked on Google’s/Bing’s first page. Here’s a few examples of authors who have previously published their work and have continued to reap the long-term advantages of publishing their content through us:
    What are We Looking for?
  • Motivation, self development + write for us, as well as Success Insights is the focus of our site. We love articles that fall into the self-improvement genre including: Motivation, Money confidence, fitness, mindset Self-Belief, Self-Discipline goal setting, productivity Strategies for Success, Success Secrets and motivational quotes. In addition to this, we also like motivational/inspirational articles about overcoming adversity, taking action, reaching goals, and stories of people’s pursuit of personal achievement (i.e. success stories of famous individuals, and regular people who are GO-getters too).
  • We favor high-impact content that are between 1200 and 3000 words in length, with an introduction of two paragraphs and are usually followed by high subheadings of good quality. To get a sense of what we’re looking for and the content we’ve done, take look through some of our posts that are currently.
  • We want our content to be engaging, informative and positive. We aim to make readers feel motivated and motivated to act in their dreams and goals. Therefore, using lengthy speeches and quotes to convey the majority of your message or data isn’t something we’re looking for.
  • We don’t solicit guest contributors’ websites or products within the body of the article. ( one link that is highly contextual that is valuable to our readers could be considered for inclusion in part of the text, at the discretion of the lead editor, but this is not guaranteeable ). Our goal is to give our readers practical tips, not for us to advertise your services and products. The bio you include at the bottom of your article will accomplish this to you (one link per article. allowed in the bio, unless it is an account on social media).
  • We do not take content which is already published. The quality of the content is crucial. If it was published on your personal blog, on social websites, or some other magazine, we won’t look at it if it’s been published previously.
  • We DO NOT accept sub-par content. We appreciate contributors who are committed to their work and appreciate our readers. Contributors who are spending a minimal amount of time in writing articles, only to write a short article to get an additional backlink are easily identified and are rarely accepted by the editorial staff. Your article must be well-thought out efficient, well-structured, and contain one or more of the following elements that are informative, funny emotional, or enjoyable content. In short, your article should be interesting to read.

If you’re interested in becoming an writer of SEOMafiya, you can send us your submission via . We suggest that you write your story in a Word document, and then include it in the email you send to pitch. Include your name and initials as well as a short bio and the URL of your own.

Make use of the subject line “self development + write for us” and then the name of the piece. In this way you can increase the turnaround time for the review/publishing process of your article.

Please Note: We are able to include or remove any hyperlinks within the article, or alter any portion of the article to make it more suited to the preferences of our readers and enhance its quality, clarity, as well as SEO structure. After the article has been published, it is officially the an asset to SEOMafiya.

Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to working with you to make excellent content online and to change lives!

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