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Living in age of the internet, people enjoy several privileges. Online gaming is one of the most popular activities that people indulge themselves in. In this article, we are going to talk about a very popular game i.e. Minecraft. There are several features that make it so popular. It is a nice multi-player game that lets several people play it all together.

Minecraft has a very unique feature called This feature allows the ability of cross-playing to the players. Suppose someone is playing this game on a Nintendo switch while the other is playing it on PS4, they both can join this game together. This one feature alone has attracted a large number of people from the world to play this game. Here, we will talk about an issue called minecraft.aka/remoteconnect.

What is minecraft.aka/remoteconnect issue?

As we have already discussed that the allows players to cross-play this game. This error occurs when your system fails to connect to the Microsoft servers of Minecraft. At the time this failure occurs, people see a pop-up on the screen that notifies them that they are unable to connect to their Microsoft account settings. Once you fail to connect to the Microsoft servers, there is no way that you are going to cross-play this amazing game.

Possible reasons behind the occurrence of this issue

In this section, we are going to talk about the reasons why this issue occurs. Several articles on the internet insist on discussing only the prepared steps to solve a problem which is not a good thing. That way works well if those steps are correct enough to solve the issue. If none of those steps work, you will have no clues about what to do?

But when you are aware of all the possible reasons behind an issue, you will be able to diagnose it at your level. Let us discuss the main reasons behind https// so that you can approach this problem differently.

Your Microsoft account not working properly

Microsoft has made this game available to all the platforms like PlayStation, Nintendo, etc. In order to cross-play this game, you need to have a Microsoft account. When you are getting an error message related to https// Microsoft, there is a chance that something is wrong with your Microsoft account.

Before you proceed further, make sure that your Microsoft account is working fine. You can check more about it in the settings section.

Some issue with the cross-play feature

As you know people from different devices can play this game. Suppose you have a device that is used the most to play this game, let us call that the primary device. There is a chance that your account is already logged in via the primary device. Being unaware of this fact, you are trying to connect to the servers using another device. In that case, you won’t be able to connect.

Solving this issue is really simple. All you have to do is check if the primary device is still logged in. If it is then you should log out of the account using that device. Now try to connect your new device to the Microsoft account.

The Firewall is blocking access to the servers

This is another critical thing to notice here. Most gaming consoles and operating systems have a built-in firewall. And that firewall sometimes blocks the restriction to the servers. You should check if this is the case with you.

We will talk more about the solution to this issue in the later sections of this article to help you when you get the error message at https// minecraft.

The game data has been corrupted

In some exceptional cases, people have faced this issue because the data in the game has been corrupted. When the game data corrupt, you will see a lot of malfunctions in the game. Among those malfunctions, this one is also a viable option.

The steps to solve this issue will be discussed in the solution section.

How to get rid of this issue?

Now that you are aware of almost all the possible reasons behind this issue, it is time to discuss the solutions. Here, we are going to describe all the possible solutions to the issue of remote connect. Go ahead and see which one works best for you.

Log out all your devices from your Microsoft account that you don’t have to use right now

This is the first thing that you should do. Check if there are any devices that are connected to the Microsoft account and disconnect them immediately if you intend to play this game on another device.

Make sure that you have activated code access of your Microsoft account on your device

Without a Microsoft account, you can’t enjoy the cross-playing abilities of this game. But having an active Microsoft account will require you to enter the activation code. If you don’t know what an activation code is, you should go to the Code Access page of Microsoft.

Here are some steps that will help you get the code on your device so that you can activate your Microsoft account minecraft.

  • On the device that is having this trouble, open the multi-player access sign-in page.
  • After successfully opening this page, you will find the code that we are looking for along with a link. Both these resources will help you activate your Microsoft account. The link will be like this
  • Launch any browser on your PC and go to the page and try logging in to your Microsoft account using the following link,
  • After logging in successfully, open the link that you saw on the multi-player sign-in page.
  • Now you will see a list of instructions that you have to follow in order to activate your account. Follow all those steps and then your issue will be resolved.

This solution has worked in most cases. In case, you are unable to play this game even after trying the steps mentioned above, you should follow the next set of steps.

Delete the existing data in order to get rid of the corrupted game data

Before you start proceeding with these steps, you should know that you will lose the majority of the saved data in your game. It may include your friends and several other important things like that.

Now you are sure that the issue is not caused by some issue with your account, there is a chance that the game files are responsible for it.

In this section of the article, we are going to talk about the steps that are involved in deleting this data. We will talk about doing it on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo. Let us have a look at it.


Follow the instructions mentioned below to do it on your PlayStation.

  • Go to the Home screen on the console and then click on Settings.
  • A new screen will appear on the screen, click on System settings here.
  • Now head on to storage and then System storage.
  • In the system storage section, you will find an option called Minecraft.
  • If there are any corrupted or duplicate files, you can find them here. Delete those files and see if you are able to solve this issue.


The number of players who use Xbox is also high. That is why we decided to write the necessary steps to do it on Xbox. Here we go.

  • After you have reached the Home Screen, click on My Games & Apps.
  • Take a look at the left menu and see if you can find an option named Games there. Click on it.
  • From the list of games, select Minecraft and use your console to open the option called Manage Game.
  • Choose the data that you find to be corrupt or duplicate. After that, you will be guided by a set of instructions on the screen to remove that data.


Nintendo is still one of the most popular gaming consoles that people love to use. These instructions will help you to do it on Nintendo.

  • Open Game menu and then click on Settings.
  • You will find an option called Data management on the next screen, click on it.
  • After you have opened data management, click on the option called Save Data/Screenshots.
  • Now tap on the button Delete Saved Data.

Create another Microsoft account

If you are facing this issue even after trying the steps mentioned in the previous section, this is the last option that you should try. But keep in mind that you are going to lose every data associated with your previous account. The steps to do it are very simple. We have already mentioned some of the steps to do in the prior sections of the article where we talked about activating this account.

  • Creating the account is really simple here. All you need to do is go to the official page of Microsoft for creating an account.
  • Click on the sign-in option and then select the option saying get a new email address.

After creating the account, you should follow the instructions to activate the account.


Now we are done with all the steps needed to correct your issue of In this section, we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Minecraft. Here are the questions and answers to them.

How can we find friends on Minecraft using a Microsoft account?

Finding friends is an easy task if you have a Microsoft account. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow.

  • Click on the Friends tab in the Minecraft game and then, select the option Add Friends.
  • A pop-up will open on the screen where you will be asked to enter the Gamertag of the friend you want to add. Every person with a Microsoft account has a unique Gamertag.
  • If you have entered the right code, Minecraft will allow you to add that friend to the list.

How can I cross-play this game with others?

There is no issue in cross-playing this game as long as your partner is also using the cross-play engine. You will be able to do it only when you and your friend are using cross-play engine. Here are the simple steps to do it.

  • Open Minecraft and go to the friends tab.
  • Now select the option Joinable Cross-Platform Friends.
  • You will find a list of people who are using this engine. After clicking on one of them, you will see a pop-up on the screen for confirmation. From there, you can either accept that friend or decline him.

Final thoughts

We have discussed several steps to deal with the issue of If you are unable to solve this issue even after trying all the steps mentioned above, you need some expert help in this matter. Connecting with Minecraft and Microsoft servers would be the most probable option in this case.

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