Web development foundation course

We use various types of websites and web applications such as Social media, E-commerce, online banking, Educational, News and Entertainment, etc every day. Nonetheless, a large fraction of us never consider how these websites and web applications are set up. Billions of people across the globe depend in one way or the other on these websites and apps. 

Most people consider web development as a difficult skill involving expertise and like to maintain a distance from the web development languages and complications of the digital world. 

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However, for few individuals, web development has become a new avenue for career opportunity and exploration. With that said, more and more people have started seeking guidance to get familiar with different web development languages and technologies. 

Many E-learning platforms such as Testbook, Udemy, edX, etc have started offering web development courses for students seeking to learn basic web development skills. 

On that note, let’s talk about some of the best web development courses available online that will help you learn or upgrade your web developing skills. 


The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

This web development course available on Udemy offers a complete guide on building websites. Moreover, no prior knowledge of web development is needed to join this course. This doesn’t imply that the course has been created explicitly for beginners.  

The course has left no stone unturned through its comprehensive coverage of every topic in web development. This makes it important for even intermediates to acquire pivotal information from classes to sharpen their knowledge and web development skills. Likewise, on finishing the course, the students will receive a certificate of completion. 

The course is divided into 15 segments which incorporate all significant web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3,JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and more. The course is loaded with 309 video classes conducted by Udemy’s best selling instructor, Rob Percival and has a total runtime of 30.5 hours. This offers the two understudies and experts all fundamental data on web improvement. 

In spite of the fact that learning about every single component of web development can be an overwhelming experience, getting acquainted with the fundamentals and capacities of major web development language and database can make you a proficient web developer. 

Because of the top quality content, the course has received a 5-star rating from over 40000 students.


Web development foundation course

The Web development foundation course offered by Testbook imparts basic yet comprehensive knowledge of web development languages and components. 

The Video Lectures, Practical Assignments, Industry-experienced mentors and their committed guidance are well enough to make you a skilled web developer and help you excel in your career. This foundational course has been designed to suit educational needs of all – be it a fresh graduate seeking a career opportunity, freelancer or a corporate employee looking to update their web development skills. 

With 110 plus hours of videos, the course covers every important topic such as HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, MySQL and more in depth to equip one with necessary knowledge and skills to become a proficient web developer.

The course is Bilingual i.e., in both Hindi and English to overcome language barrier. Not only this, this self-paced course lets students and professionals attend classes or progress through course content anytime and anywhere. This helps them learn properly at their own pace as per convenience. 

Lastly, you can claim a certificate of completion after you have covered 50% of the course without any additional fee and regardless of your pace.

Web Development Courses – Codecademy

Beginner Friendly Courses

Codecademy offers 20 plus web development courses for students at beginners level. 

Whether you are interested to learn about front-end, back-end, or full-stack development, the content in Codecademy’s Web Development domain will help you get there.

The specialized courses are beginner friendly and cover every essential language and component like HTML, Javascript, PHP, CSS, SQL, Jquery, Python and more. 

In case you are searching for a career opportunity or want to build your portfolio or even have a desire to acquire inside and out information in web advancement then you should try these beginner friendly courses for free on Codecademy. The courses come with certification that the students are awarded once they have completed the entire course.


Professional Certificate Course in Computer Science for Web Development – Harvard University

This course is created by three expert instructors from Harvard University. The course is partitioned into two areas namely, Introduction to Computer Science and Web Programming with Python and javascript. 

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The initial segment of the course centers around basics concepts and topics like algorithms, data structures, resource management and more. Simultaneously, it allows you to build up an experience with significant web development languages like Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, CSS and more. 

The subsequent segment provides in-depth knowledge on coding and designing web apps with the previously mentioned languages through Bootstrap, React, Django systems.

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