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Movies have been one of the most popular things for people to spend their free time. Apart from fun, movies have inspired people and taught them about the past and other essential things. In a country like India which has a rich musical background, movies give a glimpse into one of the finest versions of music. But nowadays, the format and style of movies have changed. In earlier days, people used to watch movies in the theatres, at home using CDs, etc. But with the rise of subscription-based services, a large number of people watch movies right on the platforms like Netflix and many others. Here, we are going to talk about tamilrockers Malayalam. It is one of the most popular sites to watch movies online.

What is Tamilrockers all about?

Subscription-based platforms like Netflix have become quite popular as they provide people with a large collection of movies. But they don’t offer that service free of cost. And most people can’t afford to watch movies there. So, they look for some other options that may enable them to watch movies for free. Tamilrockers is one such site where you can watch almost all the Malayalam movies for free. This site enables the visitors to download the movies in desired resolutions and that too free of cost.

In case, you are one such enthusiast and don’t know much about it, this article is going to help you a lot. Once you land on the official website of tamilrockers, its first page contains all the latest movies. You can get right on the first page by typing tamilrockers Malayalam page 1 in the search bar. Apart from the new ones, old Malayalam movies are also available on tamilrockers. It is the collection of the movies that have made this website so popular.

How do such websites work?

All the websites like Tamilrockers work by getting a pirated copy of the movie from somewhere and then they upload this version on their official website. You can search about such movies by searching about tamilrockers Malayalam page 3. The way these websites work is completely illegal. And that is the reason why all the content creators are against such websites. Movie creators are not happy with these movies because too much money is involved in making a movie. And then the creators earn the revenue by charging people to watch those movies.

In the case of tamilrockers, there is no such revenue collected. As you get the movies for free, it causes a huge loss to the creators in terms of revenue. Due to the consistent complaints of the creators, google keeps on banning such sites. But these website owners keep on changing the domain address of the website at regular intervals to keep it running on the internet. So, there is no specific name that you can use to find tamilrockers’ official website. But you will be able to find it by typing tamilrockers Malayalam 2018.

How can you download movies from here?

Now that you know all the fundamentals about the website of tamilrockers Malayalam page 3, it is time to know about the ways to download it. Several people approach such websites but are unable to find a way to download a movie even if they find a movie of their choice. In this section of the article, we are going to discuss the ways to download movies from tamilrockers. Let us have a look at these steps.

There are two ways to download movies from this website. You can either download the movies directly from the server of the website or using the torrent. We are going to mention both these ways in detail below. Let us have a look at it.

Download using the servers of the official website

You won’t be able to download from the servers in most cases. This is because the search engine keeps on shutting down the servers and hence the download link is broken. But most people opt for this way because it seems easy. Just go on the official website of tamilrockers. You can search for the terms like tamilrockers Malayalam page 2 or something like that if you are unable to find something. Once you reach the official website, find the movie you want to see.

After you have found the movie, click on it and a fresh page will open on the screen. There, you will see a download link. Click on the link and the download process will begin automatically. In most cases, the download will begin shortly.

Download using torrents

Using torrents will let you download movies without tamilrockers Malayalam 2018. This is a quite complicated process but you will be able to download whatever movie you want. Before you get started with this process, you have to install the torrent software on your PC. If you are using an android phone, download a torrent application from the Play Store. This is a rather simple process.

  • Launch the torrent software on your phone and search for the movie you want to download.
  • A large number of search results will open on the screen. Click on the one having the right resolution and size.
  • Just after clicking on the download button, the download process will start.

In the case of a PC, you have to download the torrent application from the official website. After installing the torrent software, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to a prominent torrent website and search for the torrent of the movie you want to download.
  • When you find the torrent file of the movie you want to see, you will see an option to open this file using the torrent application.
  • Once you open the torrent file with the torrent application and download process will start automatically.

Why you should avoid such sites?

You should always try to avoid downloading movies from such sources. Whenever someone downloads a movie from such sources, you are discouraging the movie creators and causing harm to their business. Always go for reliable and legal sources to download and watch movies.


We don’t intend to promote the use of such websites and torrents that violate laws. This article has been written just to keep you aware of the sites and torrents and their working. You should always adhere to the rules and regulations laid by the government.

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