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SoFurry is a unique search engine based on the fictional characters from the famous anime series, The Lion King. It features its own community system, provides more search results than Google, Yahoo and Bing, and lets you earn money through your creativity. You can register for free and start searching right away. Read on to learn more about the search engine and what makes it different. This article will provide an overview of the main benefits of SoFurry.

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It is based on fictional characters

Sofurry is an online text search engine based on fictional characters and free choice art. It is an extension of the furry world, which is centered around anthropomorphic culture. It is one of the greatest resources for furry lovers, as it offers an endless supply of creative goods and tales. In fact, many furry fans consider Sofurry to be one of their favorite sites.

The site is constantly evolving, and many new features have been added since the initial launch. The new version, released in April 2010, incorporates feedback from users and provides an improved user experience. It also adds a friends system, a one-step upload process, and an activity feed. The website is based on fictional characters, and users can follow their favorite users. Users can also create and publish their own stories.

The modern furry fandom has its roots in media-based fandoms. The fandom’s origins are linked to anthropomorphic animals and media, particularly Disney’s Robin Hood and Zootopia. Among other media, Furry has been influenced by books and cartoons, such as Redwall and Watership Down, which were both published in the 1970s. As a result, the fandom has evolved from a niche subculture to a global one, with the growth of internet usage.

It has its own community system

SoFurry is a popular search engine for the world of furry, and the site offers more than just artwork. Users can post stories, art, music, and journals on SoFurry. The site also features a user-generated community system, which encourages its users to form groups and share their content with other members. Groups are built around topics and can have integrated forums or web chatrooms. Users can also maintain personal watchlists and build collaborative favorites inside a group.

This community system also helps furries identify with other furry members. The search engine predicts questions based on other searches made by other furry users. However, some people are gaming this system by using 4chan to post questions about furry topics. In addition to furry fans, there are also astroturfing trolls who use furry communities to target non-furries. As a result, the search engine is constantly updating its content.

The So furry Search Engine is a unique platform for the furry community. It has a rich database of texts, ranging from comics to stories with furry characters. A registered user can post stories or journal entries in their Sofurry community. Those who want to post a story can also post it online. This feature also lets Sofurry members purchase art and subscriptions. A new section is added each day to the Stories category.

Ferzu is an advanced search tool that makes it easy to find users with similar interests and kinks. These tools help avoid trial-and-error clicking and waiting for a lucky break. Users can also search based on any criteria, including gender, age, sexuality, language spoken, and relationship status. There is a chat room specifically for furries. If you’re unsure about how to find the right furry in your community, Ferzu is the place to start.

In addition to the Stories section, Sofurry has its own section for furry literature. Users can post stories and photos in this section of the site. There’s even a photo gallery for readers. The community is friendly, and there’s a forum for furry writers and publishers to post their stories. Lastly, the site also includes a comprehensive search engine for furry publishers and creators.

It offers better results than Google Yahoo or Bing

The so furry search engine promises better results than Google or Yahoo by using a patented algorithm that takes into account social media influence and keyword viscosity. It promises to index a larger number of websites and remove spam results while maintaining the simplicity of Google. To create its algorithm, sofurry staff has spent several months testing and tweaking the site’s coding to comply with WikiFur standards.

It lets you earn money through your creativity

With the So Furry search engine, you can earn money through your creativity. You can sell items created by yourself or by others to the community. You can register and create an account and post your work. Once you have done that, you can name the price and start earning! You will be surprised at how many people are willing to pay to see what you’ve created! You can also earn through your creativity by collaborating with other artists and making your art work available to the world.

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