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Do you want to broaden your interests a little bit and look into the new possibilities of investment? The best way is to rely on the things you already know the ropes. And if SEO is something you are already mastering well you will easily understand the relationship between these seemingly different fields.

SEO as a marketing technique in a broadened sense and Forex as a trading activity are belonging to different fields. But you will be surprised how much these two have in common.

Let’s see what things you may already be familiar with, and what is the link between the two to understand Forex better.

Good preparation

In both SEO and Forex trading, good preparation must take place before the implementation of any strategies and techniques. Long term planning is essential in both fields. To achieve it, you need to create a good plan. SEO success is based on a long-run strategy. It takes time to achieve the first several places on Google. Six months is the lower limit, according to experts. When it comes to Forex, the time frame is pretty much similar, taking into account the process that includes the learning, the practising and developing the proper strategy. Without it, you will be prone to treat the Forex more like a gambler and not like a professional trader.

Keyword research and currency pair research

The proper keyword research is the staple part of every good SEO strategy. We can compare it with the proper research of the currency pairs that underpins every good Forex trading strategy. Currency codes (EUR, USD, CHF, etc.) and currency pairs (EUR/USD, CHF/GBP, etc.) work similarly to keywords. Similar to keyword difficulty research, It’s necessary first to get acquainted with certain currency pairs before you decide to trade.

Keywords and fundamental analysis

It is necessary to search the Internet every day and follow the latest news for currency pairs that we trade with. As with tracking the change of links on a page for a specific keyword, so for fundamental analysis, you need to follow the news on the topic of the currencies you trade. The purpose of performing the fundamental analysis is to determine the real value of the currency pairs. Regarding SEO, one of the important ways to measure the performance of the strategy is to track the changes on links and in that way see if the keyword you opted for, perform well or not.

Technical SEO and technical analysis on Forex

There cannot be improvements in your SEO strategy without proper technical analysis. Technical analysis in SEO is vital for the website audits and reports. As with tech SEO, Forex has its own technical side, with indicators instead of technical problems.

The most common type in analysis in Forex is technical analysis. It involves the analysis of patterns and charts following the trading indicators such as relative strength index, support and resistance. It is necessary to determine the moment better to enter and exit trade positions and make profits. Besides, it allows better insight for future trades and gives the proper information to traders about what to improve and change in their strategies.

Just as the choice of the SEO tool is important for the SEO experts, trading with a right forex broker is what makes the forex trading successful.

Using analytic tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush traffic analytics, Ahrefs, or any other tool you want, you will be able to do competitors research, audit your website and make amendments to your SEO strategy to reach a better-targeted audience and increase your profits.

On Forex, a broker is your partner that must give you access to the latest analytics of currency pairs, trends and economic news and will enable you to easily navigate the market.

Wrap Up

In general, someone who is already used to doing SEO could, with a little effort, be very successful in Forex. They both require an almost similar mindset that includes patience and strategic approach to the matter. The one who is good at observing the market and competitors will easily grasp the Forex market and learn how to read its indicators and trends.

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