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Making a change in your company can prove to be quite challenging as you and your employees are used to a system and changing that system requires a lot of effort. And if you will not be precise with the shift and change, then you will end up creating chaos. But at the same time, you have to make sure that you are updating your firm as per the latest introductions in the world and one such introduction that every business or person should adopt in their strategy is cloud accounting. 

Cloud accounting is simply the hosting of your accounting software solution on the cloud platform like in the case of. You just have to buy the licensed copy of the accounting software, choose a cloud hosting provider, and then shift to the cloud. Then you will have to pay the cloud hosting provider on a monthly basis and this is what cloud accounting is all about. 

Making a move towards the cloud is not an easy task as it requires a couple of changes in your organization, proper training, and a mindset that shows minimum resistance to such technological evolution. 

Many people don’t move to the advantageous cloud accounting solution because they are surrounded by misconceptions while others avoid it because their questions regarding the cloud accounting platform are not answered properly.

Therefore, in this blog post, we will try to answer the top 5 queries which people have while shifting their traditional accounting solution to the cloud accounting platform.

Will cloud computing be safe for my sensitive financial data?

The safety of the financial data is one of the biggest worries which most of the SMEs have while shifting to the cloud accounting solution like QuickBooks Enterprise hosting. Most of the people think that their local hard disk is much safer than the cloud platform and that’s how their data is stolen very easily and then used for illegal purposes.

The cloud accounting solution is completely safe for your financial data and you don’t need to worry about any cybercrime or data breach as there are multiple layers of security enabled on the cloud platform which allows you to sleep without any worries.

Some of the security layers of the cloud that you will get are two-factor authentication, encryption, a highly secure data center, and much more. All these things will keep your financial data safe from each and every type of threat out there. So, don’t worry about the safety of your data after shifting to the cloud computing platform. 

Is cloud computing really affordable 

There is a big group of people who still think that the cloud accounting solution is not a feasible option for them as it will become a burden on their budget while the truth is just opposite of this misconception.

You can easily opt for a cloud accounting solution like QuickBooks hosting for not more than $27/month. Yes, this is the price for a month of QuickBooks Desktop hosting and there is no hidden fee or added charges involved in it. Every type of small business out there that is struggling with a low budget can opt for a cloud computing solution without worrying about spending a fortune. All you need is to choose the best cloud hosting provider for your accounting software that offers hosting services at a cheap price. 

How can I know a cloud hosting provider is good?

Finding a good hosting provider is not an easy task as there are numerous hosting providers in the market and they all have different pricing structures with their own uniqueness. But there are a couple of common features which an ideal cloud hosting provider should always have.

These features include safety measures, pricing structure, customer support quality, good reviews from genuine customers, regular backup facility, no hidden charges, and high scalability.

I don’t have a technical background, how can I learn cloud accounting?

Many people consider cloud accounting as brain surgery, but in reality, it is a cakewalk for even non-technical people. You will have the same interface which you used to have in the desktop version of your accounting software and the only thing which will change about your software is its benefits. 

There is not much to learn in the cloud accounting solution instead of some additional features like the administrator panel, multi-user feature, accessing your hosted software from different devices, and a couple of other easy things.

There are many cloud accounting solution users out there who didn’t even know about cloud computing a couple of years back and now they all are thriving on the power of cloud computing without any delay. This is what cloud computing has to offer you in an easy way and this is why you should go for cloud computing without any second thoughts.  

Is there any option of shifting to another cloud hosting provider?

Most of the cloud hosting providers are quite scalable and since they don’t involve any contract you can easily opt-out, scale up or scale down your cloud requirement according to your changing needs. 

This scalability offered by cloud hosting providers helps the user to make changes to their cloud accounting services without going through the hassle of shifting to another cloud hosting provider. 

This simply means that it doesn’t matter at which stage of the cloud computing service you are, you can always shift to another cloud hosting provider without worrying about anything. There are many firms and people out there who made the common mistake of not being able to choose the right cloud hosting provider and they all shifted to a new cloud hosting provider without any issue. 

Final Words:

If you have been dealing with the same problem of not being able to understand some of the most basic things about cloud accounting then you don’t need to worry as there are many people just like you out there. This blog post must have answered some of your common questions about cloud accounting. 

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