The VShare iOS App

The free version of VShare iOS is an application designed for the iPod Touch. This app can be downloaded from the iTunes Store. If you have already purchased an iPod Touch, you can register it with the store to receive the free version. After doing this, you can use it to share files to your friends and family over the internet.

VShare iOS is a PC:

The only requirement needed to run VShare iOS is a PC with a broadband connection. You can also connect the device to your laptop or Mac for transferring files. The website provides both uploading and sharing options for videos, music, photos and documents. It enables the users to edit, share and perform video and photo editing on the web. There are various sharing sites such as YouTube and Flickr that uses VShare technology to allow its users to share media files.

Email clients:

If you have been using the services of third-party email clients, you will find this one to be most useful. The service provides you the option to send emails from your own account. You can create email accounts based on various types of accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. You can easily change your email address and add new ones.

Upload pictures and videos:

The website allows you to upload pictures and videos using your PC or a laptop. The uploaded images or videos can be viewed in the browser of your PC or the iPod Touch. The feature is very easy to use. There is a Share button located at the top-right corner of the screen.

VShare for sharing:

You can also use VShare for sharing documents and files on a network such as Facebook. This is very helpful if you want to share PDF files on the social media platform. You can also open files in PowerPoint in order to share them with your colleagues.

The app lets you edit any kind of files. You can use the Copy function in order to make copies of documents. The PDF editor has various features including insertion of text and objects, renaming items, and hiding items. The Finder function lets you search for files stored in the folders.

vShare video:

The website allows you to save videos in different formats. You can use the standard video and MP4 players that are installed in your device. You can also open files in Camtasia using the native software. The web browser has the ability to share Flash movies, which are very useful when you have to share documents and presentations.


If you already have an account in Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ you can synchronize all your accounts through the VShare website. In this way, you can keep in touch with your friends and family. The website has several themes that you can choose from. It costs nothing to use the site and you can create unlimited accounts.

VShare website:

You can also upload videos to YouTube using the VShare website. This feature is supported by the iPhone 4 and the iPad. You can use the built-in video player or view the clips in Safari. It also supports the AirVideo technology, so you can view videos on your television screen.


For viewing files in other applications like Mail or Safari, you can use the VShare window. You can also view files in Keynote. The keyboard shortcuts let you go directly to elements of the application you are using. For example, if you need to view a presentation in PowerPoint, you can simply tap the arrow button while launching PowerPoint. The keyboard shortcuts also launch the Task Manager.

Document viewer:

The document viewer lets you edit the documents you have created on the iPad or in the Keynote. This application also enables you to export your documents to Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint. You can edit the font style, the color and size of the text boxes, and the alignment of text within the cells. If there are any invisible frames, you can customize the appearance of the frame. If you need to undo any change, you just need to repeat the step.


The app allows you to add photos from your camera roll or from the photo library on your device. It lets you share the images through e-mail or you can use the device’s photo sharing option. To save the images, just click the save button. You can also create a new image from a picture or a video.

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