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There was a time not too awful long ago, at the advent of things like WordPress, as well as social media, when it was believed that dedicated websites for individuals or companies were in obsolete idea. Why, after all, would you need that if dedicated sites out there can handle all of this infrastructure for you, and make design easier and more standard?

Well, I liken this to the same sort of bandwagon effect that made people think, around the same time, that PCs and laptops would be obsolete in favor of tablets and smartphones exclusively. Turns out, people don’t want to have to use a tablet for 90% of their work, and physical mice and keyboards are much more favorable than tapping a piece of glass.

Well, it also turns out that there are a decent number of people who don’t really want to mess with social media heavily, and will be utterly unaware of your product or service as a result. CMS platforms like word press have the same issue, as a lot of people are unaware of public-access platforms that use this, and are used to the idea of looking for a dedicated website, and nobody really wants to give this up, and have to sort through a platform they are otherwise disinterested in just to learn about your product or service. Thus, you definitely do need website design in Toms River or website design in Wall.

Your question, with that in mind, is what are the concerns with this? There is no standard, on a higher level, for Web Design Covington, and there doesn’t really seem to be much in the way of general trends for design with this in the same way that there are with fashion, architecture or other big products. Yes, you can definitely tell how old a website is by looking at it, but that is more just by the limitations the design worked around, then an aesthetic mindset.

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Mobile compatibility is a must!

Yes, I am aware that I just said that people don’t want to replace their PCs with smart phones or tablets, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t like their smartphones and tablets. They have simply been pushed into a niche of portable, quick-access portals to the Internet, rather than supplanting PCs for accomplishing actual work. If you choose a firm, make sure that they understand how to work with the limited screen real estate of tablets and smartphones, while still being able to scale up for the space of a standard display.

Obsession with ads is unhealthy!

You probably have a general design scheme in mind, and you want your web designers to build off of that. But, let me ask you this: have you allocated a lot of space on your mobile and standard display layouts for banner ads, search engine ads and other marketing? Don’t waste your time.

A solid 80% of the population uses ad blocking technology that will make none of this render anyhow. Integrating any kind of pop-ups, overlays or other such things will actually cause people to click away from your site and never visited again, provided that their ad blocking and pop-up removal technology can’t actually thwart what you implement.

Nobody likes bright designs anymore!

In closing, the one major aesthetic piece of advice I can definitely give you is that you shouldn’t be going for it right, overly-colorful designs. As people stare at screens longer and longer, they grow very weary of bright aesthetics, so, I highly recommend going with a dark mode theme, with shades of gray, black and darker, warm colors. Most capable providers of website design in Wall or website design in Toms River will be quite quick to point this out, and I am only mentioning it because I really hope you listen to them.

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