What Spring Flower Officially Represents the Month of May?

Like birthstones, each month is officially represented by a flower that symbolizes different qualities. This is an important fact to know if you’re planning on gifting flowers to a loved one this year!

January’s flowers are carnations and snowdrops. These flowers represent love and loyalty, respectively. February’s flower is violet, which is a symbol of modesty and faithfulness. Here we will discuss the most important question: What Spring Flower Officially Represents the Month of May?

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Daisy flowers are a popular choice for gifts as they symbolise purity and loyalty. They are also known for their ability to withstand tough conditions, which is fitting given the story behind the flower’s name. The daisy belongs to the aster family and its specialized head (also called capitulum) consists of a compact mass of tiny, stalkless flowers that grow in rings of white petals around a yellow centre, known as ‘disk florets’ or ‘ray florets’. It’s a composite flower which means each outer ring of petals is actually another daisy flower, combining to form one long-lasting bloom.

Because of their bright yellow centres, which mimic the sun’s rays, they are also considered symbols of hope and renewal. These are perfect for those wishing to start afresh after a difficult period of time. The daisy is also associated with innocence and chastity due to its association with Mary in Christian tradition. Despite this, modern interpretations of the flower are more focused on its beauty and simplicity.

Whether gifted as a gift or planted in the garden, daisies are a beautiful addition to any space. They are hardy and versatile, growing in a range of colours and can be found all over the world. They are also easy to care for and are great in mixed bouquets or on their own.

Aside from their beauty, daisies are well-known for their medicinal properties. They are high in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C. This makes them a great natural remedy for indigestion and respiratory problems. They are also an excellent choice for skin irritations, as they are gentle enough to soothe irritated tissues.

Although most of us only know of the white daisy, they come in a range of beautiful colors. The oxeye daisy is the most common and can be seen growing in many places in the UK. This is a resilient flower that thrives in most conditions and prefers full sun. Its flowers are also edible and can be used in salads or brewed into a soothing tea.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are one of the earliest flowers to appear in the garden and are a staple of many cutting gardens. They’re also very easy to grow and give the gardener a high yield of flowers. They’re often used in floral bouquets for their sweet fragrance.

Sweetpeas (Lathyrus odoratus) come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. There are even a few other species in the genus Lathyrus that are not commonly used as flowers such as the perennial L. latifolius which produces a yellow flower and the perennial L. chloranthus with yellow flowers. However, the majority of the commercially available sweet peas are based on L. odoratus.

There has been a lot of breeding done on sweet peas over the years to create new cultivars with more color, longer flower stems and better weather tolerance. American seed companies such as Denholm seeds with their long vine ‘Royal’ separate and mix and Bodger seeds with their ‘Explorer Mix’ were among the first to produce some of these newer varieties. More recently New Zealand eminent breeder Dr. Keith Hammett has produced a number of newer, weather tolerant cultivars with old-fashioned fragrance and excellent size. These include the highly perfumed ‘North Shore’, ‘Blue Celeste’ and ‘April in Paris’ as well as the swirled novelty ‘Saltwater Taffy Swirls’.

To improve the length of floral stems it is recommended that you skip the Spencer strains of sweet pea and sow those marked as floribunda types which tend to sulk less in our heat and are usually more fragrant. It’s also suggested that you add plenty of organic material to the soil to help with weed control and plant diseases. It’s a good idea to use fertilizers that contain more phosphorus than nitrogen in the late spring and early summer to promote large blooms on strong stems.

While it may seem that sweet peas have lost some of their popularity, they remain one of the most popular garden flowers and are a staple in many cutting gardens. The sweet scent of their flowers is something that just about everyone enjoys and they work well in just about any kind of floral design. They are also very easy to grow which is why they’re such a beloved flower.

Lily of the Valley

A delicate flower with tiny white bell-shaped blossoms, lily of the valley is a symbol of sweetness and humility. Its sweet scent is reminiscent of springtime and new beginnings. It is a popular choice for wedding bouquets and arrangements, as it represents the purity and happiness that brides hope to bring into their lives. Lily of the valley also symbolizes love and fidelity, which makes it an ideal flower for a bridal bouquet or gift for someone special.

Another beautiful spring flower that carries special meaning is tulips. It is a symbol of eternal life and purity, and is often seen in springtime bouquets and arrangements. It is believed that tulips were first cultivated by the Egyptians, and their sweet fragrance has made them one of the most beloved flowers in the world.

Like daffodils and daisies, tulips are easy to grow in your garden. The flowers are usually available in a variety of colors, and their blooms last longer than most other types of flowers. Tulips can be planted in the fall or spring, and they thrive in sun and partial shade. They are also drought tolerant, and can survive in cold temperatures.

The lily of the valley is also known by a number of other names, including Our Lady’s Tears and May Bells. Its scientific name is Convallaria majalis, which means “belonging to May” or “belonging to spring.” Christians believe that this fragrant flower grew from Eve’s tears when she was banished from the Garden of Eden. It is also said that if you see a lily of the valley in the wild, it will foretell the return of Jesus Christ.

Although lily of the valley is poisonous (everything from the roots to the leaves, stems, and flowers) it has low toxicity, so you will need to eat an enormous amount to become ill. However, even small amounts can be toxic to children and pets, so it is important to keep them away from them.

Aside from being the official flower of May, lily of the valley is cherished for its sweet smell and beautiful flowers. It is also a popular flower for weddings and Mother’s Day, because it symbolizes happiness and new beginnings. So, next time you’re looking for a unique gift for someone born in May, consider giving them a tin of luscious lily of the valley.


Hawthorn is a flowering shrub or small tree (Crataegus) with delicate white flowers in spring and red berries in fall. It’s a very common plant found in hedgerows and is also used in many natural landscaping projects. Hawthorn flowers and berries are very popular with birds as well. They provide food for both young and adult birds and are a vital part of a healthy ecosystem. The thorns of the hawthorn also help protect smaller animals from predators.

This beautiful little tree has a lot of history and symbolism behind it. It is known as a symbol of love and protection, as well as hope and supreme happiness. It is also associated with fertility, both in terms of a woman’s ability to bear children and the growth of new life. It is often seen at weddings and fertility rites in Celtic cultures. Hawthorns are considered sacred to the fairies, and they are part of the fairy triad of Britain along with Oak and Ash. They are also known as rag trees due to the strips of cloth that were once tied to them as part of healing rituals.

The thorns of the hawthorn are not only an important feature that makes it stand out from other plants, but they also serve as a way to demarcate a garden plot. This is why they are a very popular choice for gardeners to use as fence posts or borders for their gardens.

Another interesting fact about the hawthorn is that it is a very hardy and resilient plant. This is why it is often found in hedgerows, where it can withstand harsh weather conditions and still produce beautiful flowers. It is also very easy to grow and can be found in many different parts of the world.

Both Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn have a rich history and deep meanings for those born in May. They both carry the message of sweetness, motherhood, purity and humility, making them a perfect fit for this month’s birth flower. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or simply want to show someone how much you care, these gorgeous flowers will definitely do the trick!

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