If you are someone who recently got injured in a slip-and-fall accident in Long Beach, what if we tell you that you will be eligible to recover the damages you suffered? However, you may want to schedule a free consultation first to protect your rights and get your case evaluated. After going through the specifics of your case, a lawyer will be able to tell more about the case you have. Of the million slip and fall claims received each year, your chance of winning will be much more with the right lawyer by your side.

Holding the at-fault party liable:

The first question people generally have following a slip and fall accident is who can they hold accountable for the accident. Know that no matter who you hold accountable, you will have to establish that in the courts as well with proper evidence. You will also have to walk the jury through what happened at the scene of the accident and what exactly led to the accident and injuries. You may also be required to provide any documents you may have pertaining to the accident to back your claim. In court, you’ll need to prove that the property owner knew about a potential hazard but chose to do nothing about it.

We get it, it does sound a lot. But what would help you in such circumstances is hiring a seasoned lawyer who has handled similar cases before.

As a result, it can be said that as property owners, they have a duty of care. They need to make sure that the premises are safe to be used by visitors and tenants alike. As a claimant, you can take appropriate actions against the property owner if they fail to abide by their responsibilities.

Types of injuries:

The injuries that people usually sustain in these slip-and-fall accidents are TBI, soft tissue injuries, broken bones, wounds and abrasions, sprained ankles, and spinal or back injuries. One may also suffer shoulder injuries. No matter what kind of damage or injury you sustain, you will be able to recover all medical costs along with compensation for pain and suffering if applicable.

Final thoughts:

The hardest step of filing a claim is to get it approved, however, you won’t have to worry much about it once you hire a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will strive to safeguard your rights.

By addison