October 18, 2021

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Whatsapp automation for your business

Whatsapp bot

Businesses are more inclined to technical dependency these days. In the race of software installation and utilization, Whatsapp bot is setting a benchmark in the growth of a business.  These are gaining popularity to set up creative Whatsapp business profiles.

Whatsapp automation helps every size businesses to offer advanced service experience to the customers and marketing to grow more. 

The working hours of any business are limited but your business can still continue to execute with AI programmed Whatsapp chatbots. From clearing off queries to payments, it saves time for businesses.

Using WhatsApp Automation for:

1 Customer Service

  • Whatsapp automation creates doors for mutual benefits for businesses and customers. This self-functioning software is capable of fixing customers’ queries quickly. Whatsapp automation tool is programmed to attend fix questions and their response. It helps your business to utilize your time in other important tasks.
  • Customer service agents of a business get more time in engaging with high-priority deals with the customers. Whatsapp smart tool facilitates quick responses and provides a sorted solution in seconds. 
  • Businesses can customize FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and constantly add new queries and answers, if not defined earlier. By getting an instant response from you, businesses improve their brand identity among customers. The two-way encrypted conversations between customers and businesses, add loyalty to your brand.  
  • When customers raise questions apart from the fixed questions, bots don’t leave blank responses; they suggest the nearby service centers to the customers to clarify their issues.
  • While service agents can align the incoming requests, bots share the task of agents and update their customers about the status of the ticket. Through WhatsApp chatbots, businesses can conduct and collect surveys from clients. It suggests ways to improve your business in all aspects. 

2 Marketing

  • Whatsapp chatbots serve a wonderful purpose in the marketing of your business. When customers receive updates frequently, it helps them to stay involved.
  • The beauty of WhatsApp automation in marketing is that it helps you to stay connected with your customers and guide them in the way they want. It further segments the customers’ category and directs them in the right direction to purchase specified products.
  • Automating Whatsapp tool can send marketing messages to your customers automatically. To new customers, it sends greeting texts and introductory about business and products, promotional offers, and other service updates.
  • For instance, customers sends a query regarding product pricing; this ensures you that they are inclined to buy your product, Whatsapp chatbots send follow-up messages immediately. It markets your brand even after the products’ purchase.
  • Reminding your customers about the payments can be a boring task to do manually, Whatsapp automation software helps you to send transactional messages, payment reminders, receipts/invoices, shipping details and delivery updates.
  • Whatsapp is a bi-directional functioning app and transactions on such a convenient platform boost up your sales and encourages more buyers to connect with you.

How is Whatsapp automation software helpful for your team?

1 For sales professional executives

  • Lead generation and reaching out to more customers are interdisciplinary aspects of a business. Sales executives play an essential role in marketing your business. To empower your team, the automation software is helping businesses to boom around.
  • Whatsapp chatbots lead the customers to your market.
  • The automated tool helps customers to decide the sale of your product. Customers communicate with a human-like artificial agent that has predefined conversations from suggesting a product to payment gateways.
  • Chatbots successfully revive your cold leads and turn them into regular customers again by running promotion campaigns.
  • Whatsapp recently launched a status update feature available for 24 hrs. It is a great way to access the customers’ interest and bring out fresh deals from the stock. The compelling sales announcement will help customers to engage quickly.

2 For Marketing team

  • Business marketers already have a lot in their bag to do. Whatsapp business chatbots offer them various opportunities to execute tasks easily.
  • WhatsApp chatbots can carry out repetitive work in bulk and free up the time of the marketing team for strategic functions. 
  • This automation tool is effective in generating leads and connectivity with a large customer base.
  • Chatbots initiate personalized conversations and offer fascinating discount offers to your potential leads.
  • The multimedia and formatting options allows the marketing team to uniquely define the products.

3 For Clients

  • Customers are a major part of your business and they avail of various benefits through customer automation software.
  • Chatbots communicate instantly when customers initiate the conversation. They get instant resolution to their issues. It demonstrates the dedication of the business towards its customers.
  • Customers get 24*7 support which results in higher clients’ satisfaction. Powered with artificial intelligence software, the whatsapp automation tool helps increasing sales by offering specified products.   

Benefits of Whatsapp automation tool

✔     Strong business profile

Setting up a Whatsapp business profile is quick and easy. Availability of your business profile helps customers to have information about your:


  • availability hours
  • Business brief
  • address of your store/business
  • website links
  • Contact details

These details create transparency between your brand and customers.

✔     Prompt response

A customer waiting for hours to get a response to a query isn’t healthy for your business. Whatsapp chatbots are created with predesigned messaging templates that save time for both. Businesses have the choice to customize the messages as per preference.

Even if you are away, you can set up the software to function accordingly and Whatsapp chatbots sends non-availability updates to your customers.

✔     Labels

When customers communicate with a business, the software automatically allots labels to the active chats which help businesses to organize customer base and resolve their queries accordingly. 

✔     Strengthening your brand

A strong brand identity creates a great impression among your customers. Customers engage more with a loyal brand. Whatsapp automation brings more loyal customers to your business and accelerates sales.

Visualizing the needs of the businesses, Knowmax supports your business with an AI chatbot available round the clock. Present your business among the customers with an efficient and effective Whatsapp bot tool. Our tech professionals help you design integrated automation whatsapp software to provide never-seen experiences for your customers. 

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