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Until recently, when most people thought about education, they would imagine educators in front of a classroom full of pupils. Fast forward to today and               e-learning has become a widely accepted mode of education across the world. The radical shift towards remote learning has also been accompanied by many advancements across the field of education such as increase in use of AI in education, AR/VR, adoption of LMS portals by schools and likewise. Especially since the coronavirus pandemic, when schools and college campuses were shut down, locking millions of students and educators across the entire nation out of the classroom, live classes have become the foundation that supports the seamless functioning of education systems, globally.

Online teaching provides various advantages. Apart from the facility to teach and learn remotely, e-learning also makes education more accessible, affordable while making teaching and learning easier and more fun. Some of the best app for online classes also provide features to support teachers, such as online teaching through mobile, automated attendance, seamless teaching in low-data mode, digital whiteboards, automated fee collection system and likewise. There are more reasons to believe that e-learning will continue to dominate the education space in the foreseeable future than there are not. Here we take a look at some of these reasons that explain why exactly is online teaching flourishing so rapidly at present and why the current trends show that it will continue to become more formidable in the future….

Personalized education-

Apart from supporting a wide variety of learning styles, online teaching is also better suited to implement more effective teaching methodologies. Personalized learning is a teaching methodology that has garnered a lot of positive attention over the years and rightly so. There is clearly no effective one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to education as every student is unique and so are their learning needs. Online teaching provides a more customizable learning experience to the students as they have greater flexibility to choose courses based upon their learning style. Suffice to say that as the demand for personalized education grows more and more, so will the demand for e-learning.


As the cost of education continues to go through the roof, the option of cheaper online courses comes as a sighn of relief to many parents, students and even teachers. Not to mention, the travel, accommodation and expenses on other commodities such as textbooks and stationery, in traditional classrooms can add up to cost a fortune in itself. When students can get better quality education, sitting in the comfort of their homes and save a ton of money on top of it all, it becomes quite a simple choice. For instance, you could study an early childhood education course and complete it in no time. As this program is affordable, you will be able to study at your convenience and find the qualifications you seek. Therefore, online education is a cost-effective solution that has revolutionized the way we teach and learn forever.

Mass reach-

In traditional education, an educator can teach only so many students at a time. This also leads to students not getting good quality education as there are only so many quality teachers and they can reach only a limited number of students in a traditional teaching environment. Moreover, students from a small town may be deprived of quality education or any education at all depending upon the availability of schools in their area or lack thereof. Online education helps educators transcend the bounds of geography and location. Students sitting in the farthest of places can have access to the same quality education which a student sitting in metro city has. Therefore, online teaching increases the reach of teachers and helps the students get a higher quality of education.

Adoption of Technology-

Students and even many teachers today are what we call, digital natives. They not only are increasingly comfortable with technology; in fact, they prefer the use of technology in their lives. Thus, technology will continue to change the face of education in the years to come as more and more teachers and students prefer the increasing role of educational technology in their lives; another strong reason why online teaching is here to stay.

Final Words: 

Therefore, it is evident that online teaching has revolutionized our education system in more ways that one can imagine. If the current trends are any indication, online education will continue to remain the preferred mode  of education for quite some time.

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