Your business may carry out all the general upkeep and maintenance tasks on time, but do you show a similar caution when it comes to your lighting system? It’s unlikely that you are as focused on maintenance and repairing your lighting system as you are on other aspects of your business that need regular care.

Most businesses do nothing more than merely change bulbs or replace faulty wiring and plugs to maintain their lighting system. That’s not enough. In fact, not having a lighting equipment maintenance plan in place can land your business in trouble. You might have to deal with a dark store or shopping mall because you forgot to check the wiring systems and bulbs.

Here are the things you must look at to ensure proper commercial lighting maintenance and benefit from a well-maintained lighting system.

Check LED Bulbs

This is the most important part of maintaining your commercial lighting. Burnt-out and loose bulbs in streamer lights or other lighting systems must be replaced as soon as they are detected. If only some of the lamps are in good condition in a multi-lamp fixture, fixing them should be your priority. It will ensure that your premises are bright and visible to others. It will also point out other areas of electrical failure that you must address quickly.

Make The Right Choice of Replacement Lamps

The old and damaged lamps must be replaced with the right lamp for that specific permanent or temporary lighting system. It’s true that any fixture can be retrofitted for better efficiency and performance, but the critical factor to consider is compatibility. This is a crucial element of internet lighting maintenance. Check all bulbs and lighting systems periodically to ensure they are working efficiently. Periodic checks will also help detect potential damage situations.

Clean All Fixtures Regularly

A dirty fixture spells bad optics for businesses. They can create a wrong impression for customers. They are also more prone to early damage and malfunction due to poor or insufficient upkeep. You should ensure that the commercial lighting fixtures are cleaned regularly, so they don’t run into any of these problems. Wipe down lenses and diffusers by applying the recommended cleaning procedures.

Check Performance Features

Performance parameters of your electrical systems and fixtures should be checked regularly as a part of your commercial lighting maintenance. This involves reviewing all drivers, transformers, generators, batteries, and ballasts to ensure there are no problems and the functioning of all these systems is in optimum mode. If you detect any issues, even minor ones, ensure they are fixed immediately before the problem flares up and creates complications in your business operations.

Repair/Replace Damaged, Broken, and Non-Performing Elements

If you detect any elements within your electrical distribution system that are broken with lenses or housing damage, get those parts repaired or replaced, as may be the case. The annual maintenance checkup is the right time to detect such incidents and take appropriate action. Make a list of items you need so that they can be ordered quickly for necessary replacements for repairs. Having a buffer stock of commonly used items is recommended.

Always choose a durable brand when you order your electrical equipment or lighting requirements. Duraline is a trusted name in electrical distribution and temporary lighting systems. They supply their world-class products to commercial businesses and the United States Navy.

By addison