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In 2020, most of the offices announced that we are going to work from home. We are one year into it now. However, we don’t see companies going to office-model in the future. We believe that work from home is here to stay.

Working from home is ecstatic. You have your freedom, your environment, your work ethics, etc. There are so many benefits of working from home.

Covid-19 has taught us that we need to be prepared for the future. There are chances that this type of pandemic can hit us in the future. We need to think of ways to make work from home a new normal. Moreover, more people want this type of work and they are willing to do it.

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Let us dive deep into why we think work from home is here to stay.

More jobs can be done from home

You may think that we are dumb to say that more people can work from home. However, a report from Global Workplace Analytics says the same. They believe that more than 56% of the workforce can do their entire job from home.

The thing is, if more than half of the workforce can work from their house, then we were just wasting our infrastructure. Think how much money can be saved by corporate if people just sit at their home and do the work assigned to them.

Covid-19 has kicked us into our homes. It made us realize that working from home is fun and easy. Who would have thought that you can manage your office from the confines of your house! Moreover, working from home improves creativity.

We estimate that more than 50% of the employees in a company would love to work from home. It can go more than that, but this is a conservative estimate.

Working from home is practical

Work from home is not only good for the employees but the company as well. According to a report, employers can save $11,000 per year if they start work from home. A typical employee would be able to save $2,500 to $4,000 per year in that case. They can save much more if they can move to a less expensive location.

Imagine even half of the money saved by working from home went into the employee’s payback. This would motivate them to work more. There are sure shots benefits of working from home. We are sure that most of the employers would not do that. They would not send the money back to employees. But those who will do it would reap the benefits.

Not only can we make more money working from home, but we can save more money in this model.

Most of the employees come to the office on their bikes or cars. Most don’t live near their office. If your average commute in a week comes down to 120 miles then you will have to fill your tank every second week. You would spend $30-$40 a tank. This implies that you are spending $780-$1000 per year. Moreover, this is the cost of gas only. We are not taking into account the maintenance and other wear and tear to your car or bike.

Moreover, you may spend some money on lunch or coffee. While you are working from home, you will get everything in your house. You will be able to save a hell of a lot of money.

In the end, working from home is practical for both employer and employee. It might put some extra cash in employees’ pockets.

Work from home is beneficial for the environment

We are sure that you are having a hard time believing this. Just give me some time to explain why we think that work from home is beneficial for the environment. Here is a practical example for you.

Before the advent of work from home, you would have to keep track of all the things on paper. You would be using a lot of paper to prepare reports, documents, files, and whatnot.

Think about it now. Now you are sending everything via digital fax or email. You no longer have to deal with piles of paper. You can just send a mail or send a link to upload work in directories. This way we are saving a hell of a lot of paper.

According to an estimate, Americans use 85,000,000 tons of paper every year. It is roughly equal to 680 pounds per person. So many trees have to be cut to meet this demand. But now, things have changed. Covid-19 forced us to explore the online world. We now use digital services like never before. This will drastically reduce the amount of paper we were using.

Not only paper, think about the number of emissions from our vehicles! Since we are working from home, we don’t need to commute to our workplace. Everything is available in your home. The amount of emissions from our vehicles into the environment has also decreased. There are so many advantages of working from home.

However, while working from home, you will have to keep extra care of your employees. You will have to track their work. For this, you can use employee monitoring software. This software helps you in remote employee monitoring. They are very helpful in increasing the efficiency of your workforce.

To sum up

There are a lot of people working from home full-time as well as part-time. This has become the new normal. Covid-19 forced us to try this model, but now people are loving it. We should not fear this change, but instead, prepare us for the future. No doubt working from home will become mainstream. We need to take full advantage of this.

We honestly believe that work from home is best for your health as well as your productivity. You will be safe from Covid-19 and at the same time can improve your overall performance. Sure, there will be difficulties along the way, but we need to find our way through.

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