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About Solidfiles Search Engine

Solidfiles boasts more than 5 million monthly users. It is particularly popular with people from countries like Korea, Indonesia, United States, Mexico, Egypt. The ease of searching files, and the easy interface, thereby provides the highest number of users in Solid Files.

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Solidfiles Search Engine – Find Files

Movie, Anime Film Music, Zip Rar, PDF, MP3, Excel, Word, Data, Game APK Document, or other full-length files.

Established at the time of its founding in Sweden at the end of 2006 in Sweden, Solidfiles is a straightforward interface and an easy-to-use panel. With storage capacity of 15GB The site is compatible with MP4 as well as WebM video codes and lets you preview videos. Premium plans include 1TB of storage, and allow users to upload up 30GB of single-sized files. If you’re looking for the files that have been uploaded on Solid Files, start using the search engine tool available on our site now.

How much garage space can I expect to get?

If you are a casual user, you will get 15GB of storage space. If you’re looking to expand your garage you can upgrade the plan to Premium.

How big is the largest size for the documents I can upload?

You can upload documents that are up to 500MB in size as a consumer for free. If you’d like to upload bigger files, you can upgrade the Premium plan.

Can I add copyrighted content material?

Only when you are the owner of copyright. Files uploaded that violate the copyright rights of 1/3 parties could be taken down. The accounts of repeat violators could be suspended and/or terminated.

Which video codecs can be used for preview and streaming?

MP4 films MP4 films the use of the H.264 video codec as well as the AAC audio codec. WebM film the use of VP8 video codec as well as the Vorbis audio codec.

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How Solidfiles Search Engine Works ?

Solidfiles Search is a great alternative for you! Solidfiles Search Engine allows you to locate files in a matter of minutes that you’re interested in. Are you looking to locate movies or music on Solidfiles? This tool is perfect for you!

With FileFinderhub, you are able to find files such as MP3, WAVand and MP4 as well as MP4 HD or 4K. You can also search for as well as ebooks, software on PDF , RAR files in entirety or ISO files.

Simply type in what you are looking for and then hit search! When you type in what you’re seeking using the search bar and we’ll show you the suggested keywords or use the most searched-for keywords that were selected in accordance with the popularity of the search queries. If you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for you are looking for, try searching on another server.

Solidfiles Search Engine Disclaimer FILEFINDERHUB

All files are stored in the server. We do not hold any ownership rights for the information displayed on this engine. If a file is in violation of the law or is protected under DMCA protection, please contact’s owners.

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