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If you are a person who enjoys watching TV series, you must be aware of the name Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones often called GOT is a world in itself. There has never been a masterpiece with such a broad and insightful story. The whole series is adoption of a set of novels from George R R Martin. Though the novels were very popular right from the beginning. And the same thing happened with the TV series. Right after its release, it was very well received by the audience from around the world. This article will help you download Game of thrones s08e01 torrent.

What should you know about the first episode of the season 8?

Before you go on downloading this episode, you should know about the first episode of this season a bit. This episode is called Winterfell. As there was a summit at Dragonpit that didn’t go so well. Different factions moved in different directions after that summit. After that, Job and Daenerys arrive at Winterfell to fight against the force that is yet to come.

Here is the way to download it

Now you are familiar with the basics involved in this episode. Let us have a look at the way you can download game of thrones s08e01 torrent with the help of this article. Here are the simple and easy steps to follow:

  • We assume you already have BitTorrent installed on your PC before proceeding further.
  • Go to a website called pirateproxy and search for the term you want to download.
  • You will see a large number of search results, click on the one you want to download.
  • Once you have downloaded the torrent, you will be able to download the file by opening the torrent file with BitTorrent.

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