Preschool Franchises in Noida

Education industry growth is on an upswing and parents are in search of high-quality preschools offering creative learning environments – which is where franchise models come in handy.

Here we have sorted top 5 preschool franchises that you can opt for if you wish to make money hassle free.

Footprints Preschool and Day Care

Footprints Preschool and Day Care offers an innovative approach to early childhood education, using Highscope curriculum as its basis and emphasizing holistic development of young children. All teachers at Footprints Preschool and Day Care are highly qualified experts with vast experience teaching child-centric techniques; additionally, Footprints provides a safe and supportive environment where young ones can develop cognitive and social abilities at an accelerated rate.

At our preschool, we offer an array of educational and enrichment activities such as music, group recitals, dance, story narrations and outdoor play area visits to interact with nature – helping children understand climate, sun and cloud patterns as they develop knowledge about them.

The school has emerged as a pioneer of early childhood education and received many prestigious awards and commendations for its innovation and quality education. Its curriculum is built around scientifically designed learning programs such as Highscope’s, which promotes active participatory learning to increase curiosity in children. Teachers at this school are committed to the growth and development of every child while it welcomes parental involvement as part of its school culture.

Footprints Preschool Franchise in Noida offers an attractive franchise model for aspiring edupreneurs looking to start their own school or day care facility. Their comprehensive support services include sales and marketing support, property identification/setup assistance, hiring of teachers as well as technological tools for expanding business. Plus they offer an IRR of 33%+ as well as a buyback guarantee – something not many other options can match!


Eurokids Preschool Chain provides an educational environment and curriculum based on Harvard University research, while providing 5-point safety features such as CCTV cameras and GPS, child safe furniture and interiors, certified female staff as well as first aid/emergency services – these making the brand one of the most reliable preschool chains in India.

The company’s education system focuses on supporting children’s development through play and hands-on activities, encouraging learning through exploration and discovery. They have learning toys available that support various aspects of early childhood education. Furthermore, the company promotes healthy lifestyles with nutrition and wellness programs.

Are You Thinking About Opening a Eurokids Franchise? For more information, visit their website to gain more knowledge of what requirements are necessary to become a franchise owner. This may require having at least an investment of INR 12-20 lakhs as well as purchasing or renting commercial property of at least 2000 square feet, plus in-depth training from their Head Office as well as receiving their comprehensive Operations Manual to set up your school successfully.

A franchisee will be held accountable for running his or her school daily and must possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit. They should be committed to the mission of providing high-quality education for young children and have an interest in the education industry. In addition, he or she should possess excellent business acumen while being willing to put in hard work – this company offers financial assistance as well as NextGen benefits specifically designed to assist entrepreneurs based out of tier 2 and 3 cities with building their businesses successfully.

Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids Early Education Center offers daycare, preschool, and nursery programs based on the philosophy that children thrive when given choices and voices in an emotionally safe environment. Their goal is to foster students through innovative teaching strategies designed to maximize their inherent potential while keeping up-to-date on educational techniques from around the world.

The curriculum at our school is focused on children, taking into account brain research, multiple intelligences and theme teaching. Furthermore, a Station Rotation Model allows children to explore various learning stations – helping develop creativity, critical thinking and social skills in turn. Furthermore, multi-sensory reading programs based on sound/letter associations help foster children’s reading abilities further.

Kangaroo Kids is committed to helping children become future-ready by cultivating 9 Future Skills within their iCan Curriculum framework. These future skills will equip children for whatever lies ahead in the world and can be achieved using path breaking pedagogy, learning-teaching strategies, grouping strategies, outcome measurement and assessment as well as internal learning environment design and teacher training.

North Branch School is situated in a historic building that once housed one of the first classrooms in Iowa. Our facility is spacious and fully-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for children of all ages, offering safe, nurturing education to our students in a nurturing environment. Highly-qualified teachers create a safe, nurturing learning experience while offering various activities designed to expand imaginations and foster curiosity for learning. In addition, families are offered support services like health education weeks, professional sharing assemblies, exercise sessions (Zumba) for students and staff members alike.

Hello Kids

Hello Kids is one of the premier play school chains in India. For over 19 years they have built a solid reputation thanks to their innovative approach to education which encourages exploration as part of learning. Furthermore, Hello Kids provides training and recruitment support for staff as well as offering an attractive low initial investment option for entrepreneurs looking to open their own preschool.

Hello Kids is a groundbreaking concept, offering children a place for them to develop in an inclusive and stimulating environment by reading, listening and playing. Hello Kids helps children transition from dependence to independence by refining coordination skills and verbalizing body language to verbalize verbalizations – while simultaneously teaching self-absorption and social awareness.

This franchise opportunity presents an excellent chance for success-proven preschool education programs for children between birth and three years of age, which focus on developing their motor skills, cognitive capabilities and emotional maturity. Plus they offer extracurricular activities so children can both learn while having fun!

Preschool industry growth is phenomenal and now is an excellent time to enter this exciting and lucrative sector. Demand for preschool education has skyrocketed due to nuclear families, more working parents, and an increase in young children, leading to an explosion of preschools both domestically and abroad. Preschool franchising offers high returns at minimal initial investments making it an attractive career option.

Petals Preschool

Petals Preschool is an award-winning pre-school run by its founder, Mrs. Preeti Kwatra, an outstanding visionary who inspires her students. She believes a child has the capacity to accomplish extraordinary things when provided with the appropriate environment, so her team works on holistic development of kids to ensure they grow into the best version of themselves in future.

They offer various services like Tai Chi, Yoga, Music, Dance and Arts and Crafts classes. Their preschool franchise boasts cutting-edge technology for an enjoyable learning environment and their campus is under CCTV surveillance for added safety and peace of mind. Furthermore, other facilities available at their school include a computer lab, trampoline, graffiti corner, splash pool as well as other benefits.

Our curriculum at our preschool follows the Early Years Foundation Stage model and employs creativity to help children understand their surroundings while simultaneously developing emotional and social skills. Children express themselves through art and storytelling while engaging in dramatization and role-playing games; additionally they use their logical thinking skills and memory retention abilities to solve problems independently.

Petals Preschool and Daycare offers children a nurturing learning environment where their imagination can run wild while using creativity to craft unique stories of their own. Children learn to write their names and letters as well as recognize colours and shapes; plus sing phonic action songs, explore books, and participate in finger-play activities!

This company provides parents with a tiered system that enables them to gain access to their child’s records at any time of the day and view his/her progress across various subjects, while staying connected with school.

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