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  • Did you know that every day there are more than 6 Billion Searches that take place on Google?
  • Are you aware that Mobile Devices account for more than 70% of all searches that happen?
  • Have you tried to look at Content Marketing, as 65% of all marketers are preferring it to social?

It was important to begin this article by listing down the above-mentioned data and statistics. The purpose of sharing the data was to highlight the growing importance of search engines for brands and customers alike. 

For brands looking to optimize their digital performance, ranking higher on search has always been a hallowed goal. This is why SEO or Search Engine Optimization has been a constant digital marketing strategy for them. 

With all its vastness, SEO is one of the highly pursued digital marketing strategies of all time. While everyone knows that it can deliver results, there are a lot of ambiguities with regard to the correct steps or strategies. 

In this resource article, we look at five of the most underrated SEO strategies that you should be following right now.

List of the Top 5 Underrated SEO Strategies for Improving Online Performance

1 Updating Old Content- 

In the last few months, SEOs offering the best seo services in Dubai have been pointing out some amazing benefits of updating old content. Updating your old content and making it more optimized is a great way to improve the overall performance of your SEO efforts. 

Updating the old content is requires as after regular intervals new related keywords and LSI start becoming a part of the ecosystem. Secondly, for search engines, action on the old content means that the webmaster is making changes that are leading to better visibility and higher rankings. 

2 Focus on Internal Linking- 

We tend to think that internal linking is important to help the algorithms move from one page to another. True, this is one of the purposes with which SEOs carry out internal linking. However, there is one more area that serves a great purpose and leads to better performance. 

Internal linking should be done with the intention to help the readers on a specific web page. If a related piece of content will be able to amplify their knowledge in a niche, then internal linking can help. In this way, internal linking serves an important part in improving the user experience. 

3 Invest in Branding SEO- 

A lot of agencies and brands do not want to rank for their own brand name. This is why they never want to do SEO for their brand name. However, if leading experts are to be believed, a good SEO strategy should look at ranking the brand’s name. 

This is because search algorithms read this carefully, especially the CTRs that are coming through when brand name clicks are happening. This has an immediate impact on aligning the brand as being an authority in the industry niche. This is by far one of the most underrated SEO strategies of all time. 

4 Start with Mobile SEO- 

We already pointed out how of all the searches that are being done in the world right now, mobile devices account for 70% of all of them. This means that you need to focus on mobile optimization, responsiveness, and click-throughs more than ever. 

Brands are even going as far as designing a mobile version of a website and then building it backward for a desktop version. Mobile SEO is the way forward and can help you rank on search engines with lesser effort and resources. If you feel that 80%-90% of your audiences are on mobile devices, you can abandon desktop SEO altogether. 

5 Start Preparing for Voce Search SEO- 

If Mobile SEO is the present, Voice Search is definitely the future. Many leading SEO agencies of our times have listed down how search habits are going to change in the coming years. Voice search, driven by the rise of home devices, smart technologies, and connected car features in the future. 

This is why SEOs are now moving their attention to longer tail keywords and question-based keywords. This is because when we speak, the text and words we use are different as compared to when we type them. Voice search SEO and optimization can help with great results. 

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have tried to list down five of the most underrated SEO strategies for businesses. Additionally, schema markups, transcribing videos, and optimizing CTRs are also some of the underrated SEO strategies that could have been added to the list. If you want us to explain in detail any of the points mentioned above, let us know in the comments section below. 

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