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Even though it’s been a driving force behind marketing and advertising for the greater part of two decades, a lot of businesses are still kind of in the dark when it comes to what SEO really is, and its importance in the global economy. Some people find this amusing, but I legitimately can understand why this concept would be a little confusing to people who don’t deal with technology. Unless your field is digital advertising, you wouldn’t have a particularly fundamental background in this concept.

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Today, we have a lot to unpack, as a result. I want to explain why you need SEO services in Singapore. I want to explain what SEO is, and I want to explain recent events and their impact on the role of SEO moving forward.

I also want to give you a tiny bit of advice on choosing an SEO agency in Singapore. You have a large number of potential candidates for the service, not just due to Singapore being full of them, but because of the global economy and your ability to work with people across the sea as well.

What is SEO, anyway?

Okay, let’s start with explaining SEO on a very basic and fundamental level. The concept itself isn’t actually all that complicated. Basically, this focuses around people using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find pretty much anything they need. Products, services, information, you name it, search engines are where people go to find. The goal is to achieve a high-ranking place in the search engine results page, and that is what SEO revolves around. Basically, among other abstract algorithms, search engines rank pages based on the prevalence of keyword combinations related to the searching question.

SEO techniques are primarily consistent of content organically repeating these keywords in the appropriate manner. It’s not easy, because the content itself has to be engaging and high-quality, and the keywords need to make sense in the text wherein they are placed. So, this requires someone skilled with keyword research as well as a very capable content writer.

Why is this more important than traditional marketing?

Well, traditional advertising and marketing approaches were destined for extinction anyhow, but recent events with the pandemic forcing people to adopt a heavily-digital lifestyle rather quickly have hastened this extinction rather severely.

The future of global trade in business is all about online, both in doing business and being discovered. Since no one is watching television anymore, reading magazines or listening to the radio, you have to use the technology people are actually looking at, to be seen.

How do I find a good SEO agency in Singapore?

Well, obviously, you go onto the Internet to look for such a service. The problem is, that’s the very business that they are expert in marketing through, meaning that they can weapon eyes that search engine result placement rather aggressively. So, I recommend that you not just judge SEO services in Singapore by their ranking in search results, any more than you trust a chef to write a review for their own cooking.

Look at their list of customers, businesses with whom they work. Talk to those businesses, and find out what a given agency is all about.

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