27% of legal professionals

Just like any other profession, the legal profession also has its own challenges. Being a lawyer is indeed a tough job. You have to be available at your customers’ service without fail.  With the increasing customers’ expectations and work burden, lawyers have also shunned a lot of traditional work methodologies and embraced the new ones.  The virtual phone system is one such technology that can easily leverage the operation and reduce the operational cost.

 We all know that this profession is highly grueling. Having said that, it doesn’t mean lawyers can’t have a balanced personal and professional life. Online phone number is one contrivance that can help you achieve it easily.

 The aid of a VoIP office phone system is far-flung then all this. Here is a sneak peek of what all it does for legal professionals.

•    The big daddy of all the challenges- Acquiring new clients

One of the biggest challenges that legal professionals face today is to acquire new clients. Almost 27% of legal professionals find it hard to get hold of new clients and impress them.  Well, a simple introduction of the virtual phone system in the operation can help legal professionals to overcome this challenge.

 They can easily inform about their services to the mass by sending bulk messages.  By reducing their operational cost, they can offer legal services at a lucrative price. With in-built CRM of the online phone number, they can gather all the details of a caller and create customized coupons.

•    Being available around the clock

Well, technically, this is the biggest challenge. Being a lawyer means you have to answer each and every call of your business associates and clients. This takes a great toll on your mental health. The constant pressure to handle all the calls personally kills productivity as well.

Online phone number is like a boon for this segment as you can set the call transferring and call recording facility. With these features, you can make sure that the calls will be transferred to any other legal professional in case one is busy. Even if you are an independent legal professional, you can set voicemail. Your clients can leave the messages in case you are not available at the moment to answer it.

You can also auto-expand the lines in case the call traffic is very high. With all these features, you can be assured that not a single call will be missed out and you can shake off the load.

•    Delivering par excellent services to the customers

This is not a hidden fact that customer is the King. In this cut-throat competition, no one can afford to lose a single client. VoIP office phone system offers numerous ways to make your clients happy than ever.

There is a toll-free number facility for lawyers that waive-off the call incurring charges from the customers. Thus, they can call you without being worried about the bills.  You can give them a personalized welcome with a message, help them to find the right assistance with IVR, reduce call waiting time with auto-answer, and make the waiting time less boring with on-hold music facilities of a virtual phone system.

•    Overseas expansion is a headache

A majority of legal professionals aim high to expand their legal aid on a global level. However, there are many legal and geographical stumbling blocks. There are many attorneys that don’t allow the foreigner lawyers to practice in their country. Even if they are allowed, they don’t get a warming response from their prospects.

For example, Canada allows lawyers of the U.S to work with their lawyers. But U.S lawyers keep a low profile over there as the operational cost in a foreign land is high as comparative to native lands. Infrastructure, international calling, and outsourcing the manpower are the major hurdles in going so.

With the help of online office phone systems, legal professionals can easily expand their operations on a global level without investing heavily. They can buy a local Canada virtual phone number and set up their call center back home only. They can make/receive international calls at a mere cost.

•    Spending a lot of time in an administrative task

Do you think that legal professional is just for fighting court cases?

If yes, then we would like to rectify you here. 

There is a lot of administrative tasks such as maintaining the records,  notifying the clients about the case progress, informing them about the next hearing and much more. More than 15% of lawyers think that they squander away their time in managing all these administrative tasks which is a sign of major concern.

With the help of virtual phone system, they can set themselves free from all these unnecessary burdens and focus on what actually is crucial. Many leading VoIP phone service providers come with in-built CRM, sales, and accounting integration that takes care of these tasks. So, it saves a lot of time and efforts.

Handling legal operations is a tough nut to crack. Good that we have a virtual phone system for legal professionals. So, implement them rightly and avail the copious benefits.

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