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With the rapid development of IT technologies, automation absorbs more and more areas of our life. Many of these developments help the business achieve strategic goals.

  • Brand building
  • Increase income
  • Attract new potential clients
  • Strengthening user relationships and more are all that can be achieved with email marketing automation.

All this can be easily implemented in business using the appropriate software. In this article, we’ll talk about what is email automation, how it affects marketing, and how companies can implement this approach.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

When they talk about email marketing automation, they mean using the appropriate software. Such applications allow companies to customize the quality process of sending emails to potential customers and make a more personalized approach. In turn, such actions attract the attention of leads and increase their loyalty.

Email marketing automation is an essential step for any business. It promotes effective implementation of lead generation strategies and, accordingly, growing interest in products and services.

How Does Automation Email Marketing Service Work?

Automation greatly simplifies marketing because it assumes that the software can “spy” the actions of users. That is, a chain of events occurs after a potential client has taken certain actions. For example, a customer viewed the services page on your site but did not submit a deal request. With the help of automation, the system will send them an email motivating them to use your services.

Automated email marketing can also help you strengthen relationships with existing customers. If they have not used your services for a long time, or you want to offer them additional services, the system will send motivating letters, thereby persuading them to re-conclude a deal.

However, email marketing automation is not a magic bullet. In order for the strategy to work well, marketers will need to customize the process with the business in mind. This also includes creating content for emails and setting triggers (certain user actions, after which the system will send emails).

Here are some basic scenarios where automation works:

  • Welcome letters. This happens after the user starts interacting with your brand. For example, they’ve already ordered you your service or call back. The system can send them a personalized automatic letter to increase loyalty, as well as provide more detailed information about your business.
  • Re-engagement letter. Here we are talking about the situation when a client has already used your services. The system can send motivating content to them to make a repeat deal at regular intervals. This is an opportunity to increase the level of interaction with customers.
  • Request to leave a review. In some time after the deal has been completed, the application will send emails to customers through which they can share their impressions of your product or service.

What are the Benefits of Email Marketing Automation?

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that email automation can bring to a business.

  1. Increasing loyalty through personalization.

Most of the users give preference to those companies that have shown an active and individual approach. This means personalization is more important than ever. And email marketing is one effective way to make a unique. You can use the client’s information to customize the newsletter. Automation also makes it possible to send a client a personalized series of emails after certain stages and actions.

  1. Growing the productivity of the marketing department

Automation helps the team focus on higher priority tasks. Early marketers had to independently create letters and send them to each user. Thanks to automation, the system takes care of the mailing, while the marketers only need to prepare the letter template. They can now focus on more essential tasks, thereby increasing the overall productivity of the team.

  1. Scalability of the marketing strategy.

The size of the database always becomes a stumbling block in manually sending emails. Specialists can handle a certain number of customers, but as their number increases, it becomes more difficult to manage the mailing list. Automation easily solves this issue, effectively managing any customer base, regardless of its size. This makes your marketing strategy both flexible and adaptive.

  1. Improves customer retention rate.

Automation allows businesses to always stay connected with their customers. You can increase customer retention with a customized automated campaign. For example, it will take effect after a certain period of time after the customer has already made a purchase. Thus, you stimulate the sale of your services.

Pitfalls of Email Automation

There are various essential metrics to keep in mind when sending emails. One of them is email deliverability. It shows the percentage of emails that were successfully delivered to the user. It is imperative to pay attention to it because if the majority of users do not receive the email, the marketing campaign does not make sense.

The sender’s reputation, email infrastructure, and authentication affect whether an email is delivered. In case of an unfavorable outcome, the letter will end up in the spam folder, and the client is unlikely to ever see it. 

Therefore, for a marketing campaign to run successfully, there are also solutions that improve deliverability. Experts from Belkins, who have powerful experience in email marketing service, name Folderly as one of the best tools on the market. This software is built on the basis of artificial intelligence and guarantees 100% email deliverability. It is effective for both startups and large corporations. More than 200 worldwide companies have already become convinced of its reliability and usefulness.

Email Automation Tips

When setting up your own marketing company, you need to pay attention to the following factors in order to achieve the highest productivity:

  • Time. Automation must be tied to specific dates. In turn, they depend on when the user interacted with your brand. Consider also the state of the market and global changes. Many companies initiate mailing lists tied to certain holidays.
  • Volume. Business always wants to reach as many users as possible. But the priority should be in quality, not quantity. If your templates cannot effectively cover all customers, then it is better to generate fewer emails than send a lot of low-quality content.
  • Testing. Be sure to check how your automation works after you’ve configured it. Before starting a campaign, you should make sure that your templates are correctly compiled, and the system “understands” exactly when to send letters.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, automation is a must for any business. Thanks to a quality approach, companies can significantly increase sales, attract new customers and retain those who have already made a purchase. However, misconfiguration of automation will lead to crucial costs and poor deliverability. Therefore, it is worth using the services of a professional agency. Belkins is a cutting-edge marketing company that has helped hundreds of customers effectively set up email automation and, as a result, drive their revenue. Partner with the best to grow successfully. 

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