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No cliche’, but we live and breathe digital. And for someone, who is running an e-business, it is crucial to market products, services, or ideas. Thanks to emails, it is easy to promote your business or brand with customers with just the ‘write & send’ option. Users find these emails on popular email platforms like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. Now each of these clients may render your emails in a different way. Due to such variations, as a business owner or marketer, if you are not checking the mail with an email tester tool, then there is a high possibility that you will lose market share and business.

Email tester tools make it for a business to thrive, survive, and grow! Read on to find out how to utilize the email tester for email campaigns:

How to Make Your Emails Look Great Everywhere?

Popular email campaign tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact are great for creating marketing emails. Now, as a marketer or business owner, before you send the mail, you may test by sending a copy of the email to your own inbox. The chances are, it appears perfect. Almost good enough to set your campaign alive. Press send and done!

Emails you delivered roll out just fine but after some time, you receive replies from recipients informing you that the emails they received did not “look apt”, and some found theirs in the spam folder.

And you wonder, what could have possibly gone wrong? But the email looked fine in your mail inbox?

Reason being, you chose to send it without using a reliable email tester tool. Email testing is super essential!

What You Should Test in an Email?

Test Rendering of Emails – You need to verify a range of emails using email tester tools. These helps preview your mails and showcase how they will look/appear once downloaded/viewed by the clients. Email tester tools can also allow you to check emails separately with .html contents as well as text contents.

Test Emails on Mobile – Note that emails viewed in web clients may look completely different than the same views over mobile clients. Hence, you must test the emails on mobile or tablet versions. Email tester tools allow you to preview the emails in mobile versions.

Test Rendering of Images – Many a time, a client may add settings that could block images and even filter emails to spam folders, which can lead to -making your email go unnoticed or forgotten. Always check this across all the clients to see how the images are appearing on the email clients. Email tester apps make it easy to test and render the images.

Test Subject Lines – As rightly said, the subject line is everything. It basically decides on where the emails will eventually land. That is, will the mail find its way to inbox or spam? Email tester effectively tests the subject line and provides you with the correct analysis. Make sure to test the subject line for emails to be sent to a varied test audience.

Test the Form Address – Now, it is quite natural for you not to open an email from an unknown or suspicious-looking email address. The reason being you do not trust the sender and some may even not make it to your inbox. Be assured that your campaign emails may not considered in a similar way. Simply test the form address on the email tester platform and check how the email reacts. If possible, send in a few emails to a selected set of email addresses to check whether the emails are getting delivered to the inbox.

Test Email Segmentation – Ensure that emails are only sent to the relevant demographic. For instance, sending out a campaign for baby clothing to a list of new parents or parents will be more successful than sending to bachelors or above the age of 50. Always pre-select targets and segment the emails through email tester campaign testing.

Test DKIM and SPF records – It is crucial that the “from” domain has the correct DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record set up. The incoming mail server will use these to validate the email/message, thereby ensuring that your email won’t end up in the spam folder. You can check if your SPF record is on point with a SPF checker.

Test the Date and Time of Sending – This point is especially important when running an offer campaign. For that, you must pick the right time to send the emails to your selected clients and audience. Segment the users based on age, profession, activity time, etc. For instance, send out an offer campaign during the night or as per demographic/time difference to a set of receivers who are most likely to check their emails during those times. That way, your emails won’t be invalid, irrelevant, or ignored by the recipients. Always check carefully about optimum times to send the emails.

Which Email Tester Tools To choose?

Here’s a list of some popular email tester tools that can help make your emails reach your inbox:

Litmus – offers various testing and campaign management tools like a campaign tracker, built-in email editor, and other exciting features. It is preferred for its email testing previews in multiple inboxes. Features include email testing, collaboration options, campaign monitoring, and a checklist.

Mailtrap – It’s an email tester platform working as a fake SMTP server that emulates sending and gathering emails in developing stages. This email tester tool scans the emails and checks the HTML email campaign. Features include shared virtual inboxes, spam, and HTML validity.

Stripo – It is commonly known as an email template builder and editor. You can even preview mails on 70+ different platforms. You get to check how the email’s customized fonts, images, buttons, etc would appear to the eyes of customers. Features include a plugin for apps, email tests, email editing with newsletter templates.

Email Inspector – It’s a free email testing tool that allows previewing emails on many email clients on desktop and mobile/tablet devices. Features include ‘one click’ that provides a quick preview to the emails.

Check emails with Email Tester Tools

All in all, email campaigns are essential to reach the target audience and grow your e-business. Test them properly with a chosen email tester tool for better outcomes. Let the email sit in the inbox and not get lost in the spam!

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