There are many mailing platforms available in the market today but Outlook consider as the most used mailing platform specifically for big organizations and businesses. It is still popular because of its amazing and unique features also it has an awesome user interface which makes it more attractive.  Through Outlook Mail, users can send or receive documents and pictures easily and in compressed and decompressed form.

Outlook used for sending and receiving mails for businesses and other industrial purposes. It is mostly used in bigger organization as most delicate and complex work is done via Outlook only. All mails are sent in secure ways. It provides much more security features in comparison of another mailing platforms.

Electronic mail was one of the tremendous changes in the internet technology. It saves user’s time and money at the same time. In comparison of traditional mediums, though e-mails users can communicate much fast and in more securely.

Few commons errors are reported in Outlook mail which comes often but can kill your time and may erase the entire database and backup files. One of the common errors is [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] which occurs due to SMTP contention. In the below article, we are going to mention all the common and easier ways to remove this error without any harm & taking much time. So, keep a sharp eye on every thin mentioned details. Let’s!! begin…

What is [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] error and what are the causes of its occurrence?

Outlook Mail considered as the most secured medium for mail transfers and the security managed through some protocols. The protocols which are responsible for e-mail security known as SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Most errors such as [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] occurs in Outlook due to disarrangement in SMTP layer. This situation occurs when there is some bad arrangement of disposition in user’s product. As all users are not that much experts in such technology. The occurrence of the errors is quite common and reasonable.

To avoid such causes user, have to keep a sharp eye while using it. It will be good if user cross check all entered values are correct such as port values or numbers, validate them before a final go then there will be very less chances of such situations.

Some easy to apply tactics to resolve this error

There are lots of option to remove these kinds of errors and by applying you can rid of them in just a one go. We are mention few easy to perform methods to resolve this error.

Method 1: By using Program, features and highlight tab

  1. Go to Microsoft Office projects and highlights
  2. Click on fix option at the top corner and follow the directions as screen suggest
  3. Choose restart Outlook option
  4. Once the process is done click on finish

Method 2: Through Worker Prerequisite setting

  1. Click on Outlook App icon
  2. Open record file and start recording of the settings
  3. Go to your mail account from rundown
  4. Click on Web Mail setting option
  5. Choose active worker tab
  6. In my active worker tab, click on SMTP require few validations
  7. Now click on OK

Method 3: Check for Duplicate Accounts

  1. From Outlook choose menu book option
  2. Open up record setting and select mail tab
  3. Now check for the duplicate accounts, if found any then select that account
  4. Choose eliminate copy account option and eliminate it.
  5. It will permanently remove the copied account
  6. Now restart the Outlook App

Method 4: Try to change the Server Port Number

  1. Open Outlook app
  2. Click on account setting option and choose move documents option
  3. Go to venue of record setting and select your own account
  4. Click on more internet setting once the account window opens up.
  5. Choose advance tab option and change SMTP Port number
  6. Click on that port number
  7. Now click on finish option and try to restart your Outlook

Conclusion: Hope the above-mentioned tactics will help you to remove [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] error which is generally a SMTP error in your Outlook. These quick and easy steps will surely give you a big relief, if you are facing this cause regularly. If still, requires any assistance regarding the same. Let us know we will love to provide you more suggestions and guidance. If you have any suggestions to give or any comments to mention, do not hesitate to mention them.

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