How Many Businesses Hire A Digital Agency

How Common is it to Work with a Digital Agency?

We all know how important digital marketing is nowadays. With the Covid-19 pandemic spurring on pre-existing increases in companies moving their business online and moving customers to find ways to get their products and services without leaving their homes, the world is now more digitized than ever before.

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How do most companies and individuals move their businesses online? Do most people venture forth into the world of online marketing on their own, or do a majority of them hire a digital agency to take care of online promotion on their behalf? This article will examine answers to these questions and discuss which option works best for most businesses.

Young Businesses

Many young businesses begin without hiring a digital agency and try to start their online marketing journey on their own. Depending on where and how the business begins, this can be effective in the short-term. A store with a physical shop may have enough walk-in customers to get them started with their business, but in order to increase their profits further they will need to set up an online presence.

Many small businesses also begin online and also start their own online marketing campaigns without a digital agency. At length, however, as businesses grow they tend to see the need for a digital agency to assist in operating their online marketing. Small businesses owners tend to find it difficult to continue operating online marketing campaigns on their own as a company grows and it can be expensive to hire someone in-house who only does online marketing.

Marketing Adjacent Businesses

Most businesses that work in the digital sphere or do work similar to marketing operate their own online marketing campaigns without hiring a digital agency. This tends to work well for them, because digital marketing skill sets already exist within their current employees and there is no large added expense to doing this work in-house.

Larger Businesses

A majority of larger, established businesses hire a digital agency, because they can recognize the need for expert advice when setting up their online marketing scheme. Larger companies tend to have quite complex marketing needs and long-established customer relationships to maintain. Working with a digital agency allows them to more closely follow the development and progress of their online marketing initiatives.

Is Hiring A Digital Agency Decision For You?

Ultimately, you need to choose the option that will work best for your unique company situation and resources. You may find that you have the time and skills available at your company already to manage an online marketing campaign without the assistance of a digital agency. On the other hand, you may also be seeing some dips in online engagement or drops in sales that make you more likely to reach out to a digital agency for expert online marketing services. Whatever you decide, remember that ultimately the online presence of your company is there to serve your business and its customers’ needs, and it may take some trial and error to perfect.

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