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Social media platforms are the communication bridge between the brand and its customers.

Facebook is a huge social media platform that connects people as well as helps businesses to promote their brand and create a social presence in the digital world. Not taking your brand on Facebook is like leaving money on the table. Facebook is a massive platform with over 2.5 billion monthly active users and is the best platform when it comes to recommending or promoting your business. Facebook is one of the top platforms used to review businesses.

Facebook reviews are a great way by which your customers can share their experience with your product/services, rate your service, and leave feedback. Customers can openly talk about your business by commenting on each other’s reviews. Anyone visiting your Facebook business page can read by anyone who visits your business page. Importantly, training yourself the right way to create a Facebook business page is a great step for improving your business. If you don’t have a page on Facebook, it’s highly recommended to have one. 

Dealing With Reviews

Well, the reviews can be both positive and negative, and the brand must know how to deal with both of them. Positive reviews are like assets for the brand, and one must use the customer’s name and write a generous response to the given feedback.

Whereas negative reviews might have an impact on the brand’s reputation, but if taken in a positive way can help the brand in improving the quality and services of the brand.

Facebook reviews, when displayed on the website, turn out to be a very good marketing strategy for your business. Displaying a review widget can change the look and feel of your website by making it more dynamic and attractive. 

Let’s dig into ways to embed Facebook Reviews on the Website.

1. Default Method from Facebook Itself –

Facebook itself allows you to display reviews on your website. You can easily navigate to the review page and choose the review you want to embed on your website by clicking on the three-dot options. 

Then click on embed and copy the code. Now all you need to do is paste the code on your website’s backend in to get the review on your website. 

The only drawback here is that you need to embed reviews one by one to your website, and reviews cannot update in real-time here. Here is when social media aggregators and WordPress plugins come into the picture.

2. Taggbox Widget

Social media aggregators are the best way to display a customizable Facebook review wall on your website. Taggbox is one of the best aggregators that allows you to create a Facebook feed with all the reviews in one place. 

How to embed Facebook Reviews using Taggbox Widget – UGC Platform 

Create a Taggbox account. You can always create a free trial account and test out all the features before subscribing to any of the plans.

A dashboard will appear once you login to your account. Click on “Create Widget,” a pop-up window appears where you need to enter the name of your widget. 

Once the Taggbox widget is successfully created, it asks you to pick a source. Choose Facebook as your source from different social media platforms. 

Choose “Page Reviews” from the pop-up window and enter the page URL from where you need to fetch reviews and click on “Continue with Facebook.”

Enter the required details and authorize your Facebook account. Taggbox will automatically pull in Facebook reviews in a single feed.

Once the feed is created, the page is again directed to the editor wherein you can customize the feed the way you want according to the occasion, season, or look of your website. Taggbox offers amazing features like 

Personalization – With this feature, you can change the look and feel of your feed, add amazing themes, change the background, font color, font size, card styles, custom posts, and many more. 

Moderation- This feature allows you to filter out the posts before making them public. You can always filter unwanted posts based on a particular keyword. Also, the best brand reviews can be highlighted.

More – Taggbox offers additional features like – custom posts, profanity filter, custom CSS, and many more so that you can have a social feed the way you want. 

Embedding on the website is even easier. All you need to do is click on the “Embed Widget.” Choose the platform from given options HTML, Wix, WordPress, etc. Click on “Get Code” after selecting height and width. You can simply copy the code and paste it at your website’s backend.

Guess the best part is that Taggbox Widget keeps your website content fresh with real-time updates.  


Having facebook reviews on your website is a great way to engage your audience, build social proof as customers willing to buy products or services do not turn to advertisements but turn to other customers, so reviews of customers play a vital role in buying decisions of consumers. Facebook reviews on your website will definitely boost up your sales and conversions. So, brands that still do not have them on their site are somewhere lagging behind. Let’s not waste time and match up with the competitors.

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